3 Simple Tips for Packing Your Carry-on

How many times have you been on the plane, the seat belt light turns on, and you realize you need _______? Fill in the blank with anything… your glasses so you can see the screen, your phone to check the local weather, a sweater because the plane is frigid, your iPad to pass the hours, or simply a fresh piece of gum. You manage to grab your bag that’s squished beneath your seat, and then the rummaging begins. Elbows flying into the poor sucker who got stuck sitting next to you, item after item being removed as you dig through the black hole that is your carry-on bag. You KNOW you packed it in there somewhere. Right? Or was it in the suitcase? Or did you leave it on your desk at home?! Noooo!

Sound familiar? We know we’re guilty of it, especially at the holidays, when packing your bags ends up being a last-minute chore. We’re just happy if we arrive to our loved ones’ home with an extra pair of warm socks. We’ve teamed up with our favorite carry-on bag brand, Lo & Sons, to bring you three simple but effective tips to organizing your carry-on and therefore making the holidays just a skosh less stressful and more relaxing.

First thing’s first, lay out everything you’ll need in your carry-on:

  • flight documents
  • ID
  • wallet
  • phone
  • laptop/tablet (entertainment or work)
  • chargers
  • headphones
  • extra clothes in case luggage gets lost
  • valuables (jewelry)
  • make-up and toiletries (especially if it’s a long flight)
  • scarf or pashmina for chilly flights


Next, sort items by category: electronics, toiletries, clothing, items you’ll need to access easily (ticket, phone, glasses, medicine), etc. and consolidate those different “categories” of items into their own pouches, bags, and cases. The key here is that you cannot have enough little bags. The bags/cases/pouches are much easier to find in your carry-on than the individual small items.


See how much better this is looking?



Second tip, and you’d think this goes without saying, but it’s important to put the stuff you don’t need on the flight AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG. Items you will need ready access to should be packed last so they’re at the top and in easy-to-access compartments and pockets. So the back-up outfit and shoes that you packed in case your luggage goes missing should go in first at the bottom. Your ticket, ID, eyeglasses, etc. should be placed in last at the top.



How many people don’t utilize the compartments in their bags? Or buy bags without pockets for that matter? Not smart, people. Pockets are smart design and there for a reason! They provide a place for all of the small knick-knacks you’re typically rummaging for: all those tiny, need-on-hand items like gum, your phone, a pen, eyeglasses. Organize them into the pockets where you can easily see and access them.


Follow these three simple tips, and next time you’re on a crowded plane this holiday season, you’ll reach into your bag for _______, and you’ll find it immediately!

Cheers to the little things that make the holiday travel less stressful!

Where are you heading this holiday season? Do you consider packing and flying stressful? What are tips you do to make it all easier?



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