3 Things You Should Be Doing for Your Skin

Every time the seasons change, it’s a nice reminder to check in on your skincare routine and make sure you’re treating your body’s largest organ (the skin!) with the care it deserves. With fall now in full swing, the air is cooler and drier, so you should be giving your skin extra hydration to keep it balanced. Of course, there are also certain things you should be doing for your skin consistently throughout the year. Today we’re teaming up with Clarins to share three things you shouldn’t skip—no matter the season. Your skin will thank you later!

1. Treat your skin with timing in mind.

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Treating the skin well isn’t just about what products you use, but when you use them. Make sure to read the labels of your products to verify that you’re using them when directed. Everybody’s skin is different, but here are five general rules of thumb to keep in mind when it comes to timing your skincare.

  1. Wash your face before bed every single night and do not dare miss a night! Going to sleep with a dirty face can cause acne, inflammation, and an increase of oil.
  2. Apply your most prized, skin-loving products before bed. Skin temperature rises slightly at night, aiding in product absorption and it’s also the time that the skin repairs itself, so nighttime is a perfect opportunity to coat your face and body with amazing ingredients. You’ll reap the rewards come morning!
  3. Always apply SPF at least 30 minutes before stepping out for the day, but make sure it’s the last thing you apply in your skincare routine.
  4. Damp skin acts like a sponge, so apply all of your lotions and potions to your skin as quickly as possible after stepping out of the shower or washing your face. Don’t give your skin a chance to dry out first. Acting quick while the skin is still damp will help the products to absorb better and will also lock in moisture. This also goes for your body moisturizer! The only exception to this rule? Sunscreen. It’s not meant to be absorbed, but to sit on top of the skin.
  5. Apply your skincare products in order of most watery to thickest. Typically, your order of application will look something like this: remove makeup, cleanse, tone, add serum, moisturizer or face oil, eye cream, then SPF if it’s daytime.


2. Get regular facials.


There are so many reasons to start visiting your facialist on a regular basis if you don’t already. Even if you don’t have problematic skin, an aesthetician can help you create a customized skincare routine after evaluating your skin type in great detail. We all know there is a wealth of beauty information on the Internet, but it’s useless unless you know exactly what your skin needs—something that is often hard to determine without professional guidance.

Of course, there are obvious reasons to book a facial every month, or every season at the least. Getting a facial will clear out your pores using a can’t-do-that-at-home type of cleansing that involves gentle steam and various methods of fully cleansing the skin. Most facials involve a safe extraction of the pores, which is invaluable because most of us are popping our zits in a damaging way that can lead to even greater issues, like scarring.

Another reason to splurge on regular facials? It’s your time to relax, decompress, unplug, and truly experience an emotional recharge. If you seem to carry stress with you often, the tension can lead to breakouts. A facial will relax your body, helping to prevent acne from happening! Trust us, once you have that first facial massage (something included in facials and is incredibly good for your skin), you will never look back.

Interested in trying out a facial this month? Clarins is offering $50 customized facials during the month of October at their spas located in select Bloomingdales and Nordstrom stores across the country (normally a $75 value). 

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3. Eat for your skin.

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Know the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, it couldn’t be more true. You can try all the cult-favorite creams and fancy skincare potions you’d like but unless you are genetically blessed, your skin will still suffer if you aren’t eating right. While treating your skin with a wonderful skincare routine will help in a major way, it’s important to know that good skin naturally comes from eating a well-balanced, healthy diet.

According to Livestrong.com, here are the top 10 foods that are good for your skin:

  1. Walnuts: Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent UV damage.
  2. Avocado: An excellent source of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps the skin repair itself and stay soft and supple.
  3. Salmon: Another omega-3 fatty acid source that not only helps with sun damage, but also with inflammation.
  4. Blueberries: Coined a “superfood,” this fruit is packed with various antioxidants that help repair the skin.
  5. Flax Seed: Add it to your smoothies or pancakes because it’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants!
  6. Sweet Potato: Packed with beta-carotene, an important antioxidant that is closed related to retinol, arguably the most effective anti-aging ingredient.
  7. Chocolate: It’s been studied that people who eat dark chocolate regularly have better skin texture, less redness, and better skin hydration than those who don’t!
  8. Spinach: Loaded with vitamins C, A, and E, as well as magnesium, which helps heal skin damage. Not to mention, spinach is packed with water!
  9. Tomatoes: Overflowing with antioxidants (most notably is lycopene), which protects the skin from free radicals.
  10. Green Tea: Contains two different types of antioxidants that protect from skin cancer and helps with skin elasticity.



This post is sponsored by Clarins but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.