30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Social Media Free Socializing

  • Copy by: Jessica Coffin

It’s been 30 days of early mornings and our motivator has become like the first day of school—a morning full of endless possibilities and potential! Your fresh starts were defined by beautiful morning strolls, catching up on some reading and, of course, plenty of coffee! It was incredible to see how just 30 extra minutes of found time could become such a special period in your day. And of course, we want to talk about it!

Join us for a Twitter chat on Monday, June 30th at 8:00 PM CST to recap last month’s challenge and discuss our challenge for July. Your bed and pillows can be a pleasant oasis during a hectic week, so we want to know what kept you from snoozing the alarm each day. Will your new morning habits last beyond 30 days, or have you had enough? The sun is up bright and early this season, but how will you motivate yourself to rise and grind when you’re waking to moonlight this winter? Share your thoughts and keep us inspired as we move into the next challenge!

What’s the next challenge? Oh, hold on while I read this tweet. Sorry, I just have to text someone back and then I’ll tell you what it is. But first, let me take a selfie… and edit it… and post it to Instagram…Annoying, right? We’ve all been “that girl,” the one who’s mid-convo and stops because she just has to check her emails or reply to a text because it’s “important”. We. Are. So. Guilty. We are prime offenders in the first degree of mobile socializing while out, well, socializing.

But do not mistake us–we love love love social media! InstagramTwitter, Facebook—the list goes on. But there’s a time and a place for sending a Vine to your bestie, and it’s not while you’re at brunch with Grandma. That’s right folks, the next Everygirl challenge is 30 Days of Social Media-Free Socializing.

It’s a common joke that to communicate with someone in the age of technology, you have to text them, even when they’re right next to you. We’ve seen restaurant tables where conversation has died because everyone is responding to someone or something else. But why? Are we bored of face-to-face interaction? Are we cooler in photos and looping clips than in real life?

Maybe its become a habit, like when you look for your phone and it’s already in your hand, and we don’t find it harmful. But remember the days before mobile phones? Before texting was free (my parents recall the bill, that’s for sure) and Xanga was only accessible from your desktop? We were out with people and fully present, because, well, you couldn’t “be” anywhere else.

Call us nostalgic, but we miss the moments when going out meant out, away and unavailable. So we’re asking you to keep your chin up—literally—and put away your lifeline to just be present. Give your attention to who you’re with and where you are. Your company deserves it!

Some moments are too beautiful not to capture. Snap it, but make it a #latergram.
Save texting those who are not in your present company for later. The message won’t disappear, but your company might!
Let calls go to voicemail and return the call when you’re not interrupting your meal, conversations or other precious moments.

Hold social posts until you’ve left your company. It’s easy to get distracted and excited, but here we want to practice being present as humans and not as extensions of our technologies.

When you get home, Instagram your photo or Tweet us, tagging #TEG30DayChallenge to let us know what you were up to. We’ll be regramming your photos on Instagram throughout the month! We want to be involved in your life, but for 30 days, let’s immerse ourselves in the moment.

Before you commit, let us know: Are your conversations speckled with social media interruptions? Are you the offender or the offended? What’s the toughest social media tool for you to give up while you’re out?

This story is brought to you by vapor-distilled smartwater, who found unique inspiration for their water by looking up to the sky. We hope the change in perspective this piece offers will help inspire you.