30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Wearing Your Wardrobe

  • Copy by: Jessica Coffin

Thirty days ago, planning ahead for the holidays felt like an overzealous head start as warm autumn nights tricked us into thinking summer might last forever. But as the leaves turned brilliant shades of gold and red we got more creative with how to plan for a gift-giving, and the holidays arrived promptly at our doorstep clad in clever and often hilarious Halloween costumes. Boo!

Last month’s 30 Day Challenge made homemade dinners and DIY decor so fun to follow along with that we nearly forgot we were also budgeting. Budget friendly apps, home-brewed lattes, and even hand-crafted gifts all contributed to a fund built to help you strategically budget for the holidays. Tell us, what was the most effective way you found to save? What was the most difficult activity or indulgence that gave up? Will you continue to go without during the holiday season? We want to know so share with us using the hashtag #TEG30DayChallenge.

Now that we’ve enter a season thick with layers, getting dressed in the morning can drain your creative stores quickly—choosing between warmth and chic can end up in a battle where the casualties take the form of socks and skirts across every available surface in your bedroom or closet. Welcome to our next 30 Day Challenge! 30 Days of Wearing Your Wardrobe. Now before you roll your eyes and say you already wear your closet, rewind to this morning, when you stood in front of your closet full of clothes and recited, “I have nothing to wear” (perhaps a regular morning mantra?).

Oh yeah, that wardrobe.

Curating a closet is an art we’re continually mastering. We hunt and gather tried-and-ture staples, searching high and low for the perfect pieces, and celebrate like we found the golden ticket when we succeed. But after a while we begin to play favorites; casting our coveted pieces in recurring roles while tops that were once the apple of our eye silently slip into the back of our closet, never to be seen again. Until, of course, spring-cleaning arrives and we justify each tiny tank with a mental image of the perfectly exceptional occasion and so the piece remains hidden and hanging, waiting for wear.

For this challenge, we want you to fall in love with your closet all over again; let’s mix and match classic staples with our old flames. We’ll spend 30 days shopping free—our closets are deeper than we think and we need to flex our left brain by getting creative! Accessories (jewelry, shoes and outerwear) are free reign, but we want you to try and maximize the clothes you’ve already cultivated.

At the end of 30 days, let’s give the clothing pieces we once had such an affinity for a new home—swap with friends, have a garage sale, or donate to charity! Remember, when you love something but never wear it, let’s actually let it go. You’ll create space in your closet and eliminate the guilt of keeping an ensemble around out of nostalgia when someone else will put it to better use.

Instagram throughout the month and show us how you’ve restyled your favorite clothes or what inspired you to revamp some of your tired threads. As always, we’ll regram some of our favorite updates! Don’t forget to use the #TEG30daychallenge hashtag. Now, getting shopping—in your closet!

image via homepolish

  • I just saw this post via IG and had to hop online to read the entire thing! I am so inspired and amped to do this challenge!

  • Never a better time. I was planning to do this beginning this weekend!

    • I’ve been doing this recently and I’ve found it’s completely changed what I think when I go to get dressed in the morning.

      I also figured out the 20% of clothes I wear 80% of the time and culled a lot of the rest – stuff that I was saving for some vague time in the future that I really knew was never going to come. I’ve found it’s really helped to stop having to look at so many things you know you’re definitely not going to wear and just focus on the ones that actually have a chance!

      Sam xx
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  • Definitely joining in!

  • Lexi

    This is the best challenge yet! I’m getting all my friends on board.

  • I have definitely been doing this lately and it helps to save so much money, especially with the change of the seasons, because Fall shopping can be pricey. This is a great challenge!!

  • Elizabeth

    I totally need this challenge! I’ve been meaning to get around to reevaluating the clothes in my closet but keep putting it off. Now I’m excited!

  • So glad for this challenge! I work in fashion retail, and now that the industry is gearing up for the holiday season, it’s the hardest time ever not to shop. So many soft sweaters! Such wonderfully warm scarves! It’s easy to get caught up in the giddiness of the season. My closet (and wallet!) will thank you Everygirls later.

  • Kayleigh

    Ever since I started my first “real” job out of law school it’s been so easy to shop online for work clothes. But I have plenty and need to save money for my upcoming move to Boston, so I am so excited for this challenge- thank you!

  • Natalie

    Challenge accepted. Talk about good timing too, I was just thinking my closet is getting too full!


  • Robyn Dixon

    My husband thanks you – fortunately for me, I didn’t read this until now so I guess my earlier purchases this weekend don’t count:)

  • Arashi

    LOL, saw this only today, and yesterday I bought a bunch of new blouses… I’ll start tomorrow and end in early December.

  • This is me…but for all of 2014! I gave up shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc for the entire year. It’s actually been incredibly easy! I’ve removed more items from my closet in the last 10 months than I ever have before. I know I could do one more really good purge, but I now have a closet with items I actually love and wear, rather than a bunch of cheap and/or trendy pieces that only get worn a handful of times. It really gets you to think about the quality of the items you’re purchasing and how to mix and match,

    • Natalie

      All of 2014?!?! Ok, so I definitely have no excuse to not make it a month. Well done!

    • That is some serious commitment! I like the idea of doing it consistently– it carries you through all the seasons and helps you get creative with layers!

  • I am so going to be joining in on this! Ive been trying out the minimalist wardrobe thing, and this is the perfect opportunity to showcase it.

  • Willemijn

    A whole month of not shopping? Can’t do that…

  • GeoDiva

    I’m going to accept this challenge and not repeat any work outfit for the whole month. Should be fun!

    • Nice twist GeoDiva!

    • GeoDiva

      By the way I did accomplish it. I never repeated a work outfit and made a point to pair new items together. It was fun!

  • I just moved to a small apartment in NYC and am lacking the closet space so I got rid of a ton of clothes before I moved but am really going to be keeping a tight watch on what I actually wear vs. keep.

    • That’s so huge for me– I keep things that I never wear until I move and am forced to make space. But I almost don’t mind it– like the world’s way of letting me know I don’t need 8 turtlenecks haha!

  • I have spent the last year and a half going through my wardrobe pulling out all the pieces I don’t wear and love. I actually pull every single item out of my closet every 3 months and only put back in what I still wear. I realized that I only ever wear two colors and that all my favorites seem to be very similar to each other. I am now working on building a very small winter wardrobe since I somehow have no coats, sweaters, boots or any winter-appropriate clothing.

  • lwh13

    Awesome challenge – looking forward to seeing the different pieces, and maybe even giving it a go!

    Warm Regards,

  • Alexandra Gill

    30 days shopping-free? THIS IS GOING TO MURDER ME. But I can do it. I know I can.

  • A great way to get more out of your wardrobe is to start off with a base of clothing that is versatile — easy to dress up, and down and to wear multiple ways. I love doing more with less + support this awesome challenge!

  • I challenged myself to 365 Days of Shopping My Closet and blogged everyday about what was going on with me, posted photos of my outfit that day and gave style tips. Now I’m finishing my book about this journey but you can read my blog at Savvynista.com

  • Anni’s Bubble

    I did my first outfit this morning and I am loving it already!

  • WestCoastWives

    fabulous idea!!!! i’m going to have to try this challenge on our blog!! I’ll make sure to give you a shot out!