40 Things You Can Do to Be Happier & Healthier in 2019

I couldn’t tell you the last time getting healthier wasn’t one of my New Year’s resolutions. Who doesn’t want to set goals to feel and look their best?! Health, however, is pretty subjective, and we’re aware of that. Fad diets, expensive workout classes and plans, and self-care trends galore are all big changes and investments in our health that might not even work for us. It’s also easier to stick with small changes and tricks than changing our entire lifestyle.

So, we’re discussing 40 (yes! 40!) of our favorite ways to make 2019 your healthiest and happiest year yet. Some are beyond easy, some cost no money, and they all affect both your mind and your physical health! Who else is excited?!


1. Stop drinking your calories in coffee

A cup of coffee with non-fat milk and sugar contains about 80 calories. While this doesn’t sound like much, it adds up! You could eat a chocolate chip cookie for that, and honestly, I’d prefer the cookie.


2. Add a quick 10 minute clean to your night routine

You’ll wake up so refreshed knowing your place is organized and ready for you to take on your day!


3. Plan your grocery shopping and meal plan at the same time

Ever since I downloaded our trusty meal plan and grocery shopping lists (I’m obsessed!!), I’ve been doing them both at the same time. I scour Pinterest and our meal prep articles (again — obsessed) and as I find recipes I want to make, I add all the ingredients to my grocery list at the same time. It saves you time and makes sure you’re trying out new recipes!


Source: Nqobile Vundla


4. Make it a goal to laugh every day

We’ll still be in cold, dreary weather for the first part of 2019. Bring some brightness to your day with laughter because it seriously is the best medicine. (I know, I know, so cheesy).


5. Find your favorite podcast(s)!

Whether you’re a beauty kinda girl, love true crime, or can’t get enough of pop culture, there’s a podcast for you. Podcasts put you in the present moment, stimulate your brain, AND are honestly just so fun for a commute or long drive.


Source: @_harlowejames


6. Give your home a makeover

Had the same coffee table since your first college apartment? Haven’t changed your bedding in years? Need to switch out your wall art? Change up your place. When your home is exactly how you want it, you’re bound to be more productive (or less productive if that’s the theme you’re going for!).


7. Watch your weekly alcohol intake

We can’t all drink as much as we did in college anymore. If you wake up after a night out and feel extra groggy, tired, or hungover, take note and watch how much you drink next time. Also, let’s not forget all the carbs and calories in alcohol!


8. Find someone to hold you accountable

My best friend makes certain I don’t get McDonald’s every time I pass one. Without her, I’d probably turn into a french fry.


Source: @frommybowl



You’re probably sick of people telling you to meal prep by now, but we’re not stopping. It’s the easiest way to get a week’s worth of healthy meals ready to go for your week. Our amazing Editorial Assistant Maddie meal preps for her ENTIRE day (and is like the healthiest person I know), and she’s given us all her favorite meal prep tips. Seriously. Just do it.


10. Take a social media break

Sometimes, you just have to get off your phone. Give yourself some time in your day to swap the social media scrolling for self-care. You could try changing it out for your commute, while you’re on the treadmill, or when you’re taking a bath!


11. Invest in your cookware

It’s hard to make delicious, healthy meals when your pots and pans are rusted to bits. You don’t have to go crazy and buy a 12 piece set, but slowly invest in one or two items to make cooking a more enjoyable (and easy!) experience.


12. Try a wellness trend

We’re all about testing wellness trends here. From bone broth to CBD to rosewater, there’s so much information coming out about interesting and unique ways to take care of yourself. Give one of them a try and let us know what you think!


13. Try a new recipe every week

You never know what just might end up on your weekly rotation!


Source: @tarmarz


14. Stop caring about what other people think

I know this is easier said than done, but I’m so over feeling like I have to portray a certain persona if that’s not me. 

I love crystals! I don’t care if it’s stupid or hokey. I enjoy watching crystal hauls on YouTube and going to my favorite crystal shops in Chicago. What do YOU love that you feel ashamed of? You don’t have to be!



15. Try Meatless Monday

I’m all about incorporating veganism and vegetarianism into your life as simply as possible, and Meatlesss Monday is the easiest way to do so. It doesn’t NEED to be on a Monday, but it’s kinda fun to do it that way! You could do this with any diet really. I already incorporate veganism into my diet once a week, so this year, I’m hoping to add a paleo or keto day as well. It helps you try something new and see how your body reacts to a diet without a major change.


16. Watch The Secret on Netflix

If you’re an Oprah fan, you know about The Secret. It discusses the Law of Attraction and manifesting, and it is absolutely mind blowing. Spend an evening cuddled up with this and a cup of tea. You’ll be making a mood board the next day, I guarantee!


Source: The Golden Girl Blog


17. Amp up your morning coffee

Coffee doesn’t need to simply be cream and sugar anymore. Try adding maca powder for hormone health, collagen for healthy skin, or MCT oil for focus.


18. Take your workout outside

You don’t have to go hiking in the Hollywood Hills to have a fun outdoor workout. Walk along your street (with pup preferred!), find a trail near your home, or simply pop your yoga mat on your porch, balcony, or backyard — we don’t have to get fancy here.


19. Find your perfect water bottle

If I don’t love the container I’m drinking my water out of, I won’t make the habit of refilling it every day. It sounds weird, but once you find your favorite water bottle, you’ll understand what I’m saying. 


Source: With Food + Love


20. Make your own smoothie bowls

The perfect smoothie bowl doesn’t have to cost $11, and you can make it with stuff you already stock in your fridge and pantry. Here are some of our favorite recipes!


21. Spend the night in

As we’re watching our alcohol intake, we might as well just stay in a couple nights a month, huh? Queue up the Netflix, get in your favorite PJs, and hang out with yourself.


22. Stop working in your bed

I’m constantly working in my bed (currently writing this from my bed — moving to my desk right now!). So, it’s no surprise when it comes to bedtime, all I can think about is how much work I have to do. Make it a habit to leave bed for sleep and work for literally anywhere else. This goes for eating, too!


23. Track your macros

Counting calories is a difficult thing for me, but I’ve found success in counting my macronutrients. It’s cool to see how much protein my body gets on a daily basis and keeps me in check from ordering noodles every time I go to a restaurant.


24. Get more sunshine!

Get that Vitamin D, girl! Now that it’s winter, the sun isn’t out as much as it used to be. Try a sun lamp for your desk to keep the light and your spirits high!


Source: @chickpeainthecity


25. Stretch before AND after you workout

Just stretching before a workout isn’t enough to stop sore muscles. Stretch before to get your muscles moving and ready for more vigorous activity, and stretch afterward to prevent muscle soreness and help your muscles build and recover.


26. Follow our faves on Instagram

From the best body positive women to follow to our favorite fitness gurus, there’s someone to inspire you to be healthier in both your mind and your body!


27. Pay for a gym membership

If getting a gym membership is in your budget, you’ll get so much use out it. I’m pretty tight with my money, so if I’m paying for something, I get my use out of it. Watching that money come out of your account every month is sad, but knowing you put some hard work into those weights or cardio machines makes it all worth it.

If you can’t afford a gym membership, no sweat (no pun intended)! There are tons of ways to get your exercise in without spending a dime.


Source: @caitlinbea


28. Start an entire journal for gratitude

With everything going on in our day-to-day, thinking about gratitude can be difficult. Dedicate an entire journal (I’m sure you have like five lying around the house!) to discuss your gratitude every day. It doesn’t need to be in full sentences. Just have at it!


29. Give yourself a massage

Facial massage is so relaxing, and we’re all pretty obsessed with it. This is our office favorite facial massage routine!


30. Set a schedule for cleaning your kitchen

It’s easier to cook in a clean kitchen than one muddled with dirty dishes and unwiped countertops.


31. NEED dessert? Try banana nice cream!

At The Everygirl, we all have a bit of a sweet tooth, however, we can’t get chocolate chip cookies every day (we’ll sure try though!). Instead, try banana nICE cream! You simply blend frozen bananas until they’re the consistency of ice cream. You can add cocoa powder, other fruits, veggies, or pretty much whatever your heart desires.


Source: @walkinwonderland


32. Work on your feet

No, I don’t mean to buy a foot peel and go to town on your dead skin.

Instead of sitting at a desk all day, try standing while you work! Tons of coffee shops have high desks for this, or you can simply walk around while you’re dreaming up your plan for world domination (or rather, next month’s marketing plan).


33. Wake up early for self-care

Ever since our Everymom Editorial Assistant Victoria did this, we’re all on the bandwagon! Give yourself some extra time in the morning for the things you love, whether that’s a barre class, a gourmet breakfast, or some time with your new favorite book.


34. Try the K-Beauty 10-step skincare routine

The 10-step K-Beauty routine consists of: an oil cleanse, a foaming cleanser, an exfoliator once a week, toner, essence, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, sleeping mask or moisturizer, and SPF. It sounds insane, but it’s a fun way to take care of yourself and your skin. While I don’t do the 10-step routine every night, I’ve taken tips and tricks from the 10-step routine into my own. My favorite? The sleeping mask. You’ll thank me later!


35. Turn your phone off an hour before bed

The harsh blue light from my phone and computer screens can make falling asleep difficult. Prioritize your sleep (and getting rid of those dark circles) by putting your phone out of sight for the hour before bed. An hour doesn’t sound like much, but you’ll get so much done in that hour away from your phone!


Source: @waityouneedthis


36. Build an everyday uniform

When you already have an idea of what you’ll wear to work all week, you’ll save a lot of time in your morning routine for other things you enjoy doing. We love the white tee, black blazer, and denim look, but there’s tons of options for you depending on your own style.


37. Remember you’re worth it

You deserve self-care. You deserve to feel happy and healthy. This isn’t a privilege, it’s a right. 🙂 


38. Make your diet and workout routine work for your lifestyle

If getting up at 5am to go to a spin class sounds crazy to you, you don’t have to do it! Decide on a fitness schedule and diet that work with your own lifestyle already. You’re more likely to stick with a routine if it matches how you already live your life.


39. Take a class

Work your brain out! Sign up for an online class (we love Skillshare!), and learn something new.


Source: Jaci Marie


40. Let yourself have the pizza

Being healthy doesn’t have to mean that you never eat carbs or you workout every day. If your body feels good, and you’re just craving some pizza, go for it.


Did we miss any of your tried-and-true healthy habits? Tell us in the comments!