5 Chemical-Free Perfumes to Try This Summer

Summer’s balmy days often inspire a simplified beauty routine. As soon as the weather warms, foundation may seem excessive and letting your natural waves do their own thing feels just right. Likewise, your taste in fragrance may shift to suit the hotter days. The perfume you enjoyed during the cooler months may now smoother your sense of smell. If that’s the case, it’s time to explore other fragrance options.

A naturally sourced, chemical-free perfume may be just the thing. Fragrances crafted exclusively with essential oils and natural resins rather than synthetic compounds tend to leave a lighter signature, even if the blend itself is rich and complex. In addition to offering a subtler scent, natural perfumes avoid the use of highly concentrated petroleum derived compounds, which may include phthalates, aldehydes, and other toxins and allergens. These may disrupt the endocrine system (your hormones!) or cause an allergic reaction.

Fortunately, there are several luxury alternatives to conventional perfumes. Here are just five of many artisanal, green perfumeries offering sumptuous chemical-free perfumes, all perfect for summer.


Created by interior designer and perfumer Anne Nelson Sanford, LURK perfumes are 100% pure essential oils and are free of additives, synthetics, and preservatives. Each LURK fragrance is designed to transcend age and gender, making each a perfect choice for expressing an androgynous vibe.

Our pick? Try BS 003 Perfume Oil. Inspired by the fresh fields and the Hamptons, this effervescent blend of dry woods and crisp citrus notes evokes nostalgia for summers past.

2. Strange Invisible Perfumes

This sublime line of botanical fragrances is crafted with organic, wild-crafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences, all of which are sustainably harvested. Each bottle is filled in their perfume house in Venice, California. The nuanced fragrance of SI Perfumes leaves a distinct and sophisticated impression.

Try Peloponnesian. This eau de parfum combines lime, orange, cypress, and botanical musk, recalling Aegean Sea air and the delicate aromas of southern Greece.

3. Grasse Roots Perfumery

Founded by natural perfumer Claire Lautier, Grasse Roots Perfumery is a small-batch operation offering all-natural perfume oils, bath salts, lip balms, and room fragrances. Each fragrance blend is crafted with essences of flowers, leaves, roots, grasses, barks, mosses, resins, woods, seeds, and earth. Grasse Roots perfumes are unfailingly complex and suited to even the most sophisticated of noses.

Try Beloved Perfume Oil. A sweet bouquet of roses from around the world, this fragrance evokes innocence, verdant gardens, and divine femininity.

4. Lina Hanson

For her first perfume collaboration with Lina Hanson Global, celebrity makeup artist Lina Hanson turned to the Far East for inspiration. At once elegant and sexy, Satori Perfume Oil evokes the majestic beauty of remote lands in Thailand, China, and Japan. With a blend of warm vanilla, crisp sandalwood, bright yuzu, and refreshing ginger, this exotic fragrance is probably unlike any you’ve tried.

5. VERED Organic Botanicals

Hand crafted in New York City, VERED perfumes are made with the finest organic essential oils. Each blend is crafted with purpose of lifting the spirit and energizing the body with each application.

Try Signature Scent Perfume. Created with the founder’s highly sought after custom facial oil blend in mind, Signature Scent is a sensual blend of vanilla, rose absolute, jasmine, orange blossom, geranium and patchouli bourbon. Be warned, others may constantly ask you what intoxicating fragrance you’re wearing!

Do you have a favorite botanical blend? Or a go-to fragrance for summer?