5 Comedians to Know in 2015

  • Copy by: Daryl Lindsey
  • Feature image via Vincennes University:

I love comedy. I’ll take it any way I can get it: funny movies, TV shows, podcasts, stand-ups, you name it and I’ll take it. 

I watch because I love to laugh (duh) but also because I’m jealous—I wish I was that quick, that sharp, that observant that I could turn an everyday experience like a trip to the grocery store or the dog groomers into a joke that will send an entire theater full of people into a gasping, tear filled fit of hysterical laughter. 

It seems easy, but successfully making people laugh requires some serious skills.

As in many other professional fields that are largely dominated by men, some people seem to believe that the feeble female mind is too genetically inferior to comprehend said skills. Yes, I’m trying to say that some people (read: way, WAY too many people) are still convinced that women aren’t funny.

 All it takes is a quick scroll through the comments on any female comic’s video to see that it’s true. 

Frankly, the notion that any one group is innately inferior to another group (in ANY field) just “because biology” has to be the most boring, outdated, ridiculous concept I’ve encountered in my short life. 

Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler have become household names and rule the world of comedy TV. Jessica Williams slays as a Daily Show regular and Amy Schumer is suddenly (and hilariously) popping up everywhere. 

And as the world of comedy slowly but surely catches up to the 21st century, more and more amazing female comedians are stepping into the spotlight.

Here are five more comics you’ll love to laugh with: 

1. Phoebe Robinson 

Website | Twitter

You may recognize Phoebe Robinson by her alter ego, Blaria (Black Daria.) Blaria started as a blog offering sharp but hilarious commentary on politics and pop culture, but evolved into a successful podcast (and accompanying monthly live show that she co-hosts with Jessica Williams.) Robinson integrates poignant and politically charged topics, often involving race and gender, into material that tells the truth as much as it inspires laughter. 

2. Chelsea Peretti 

Website | Twitter

Chelsea Peretti is best known for her portrayal of Gina Linetti on the ever-hilarious sitcom Brooklyn Nine Nine. Her comedic acting is brilliant, naturally, but she especially shines with stand up. Wacky, loud, and refreshingly earnest, Peretti’s unique perspective flips traditional stand up comedy on its head. The best part? You can watch her hour-long special on Netflix. 

3. Beth Stelling

Website | Twitter

Stelling’s sarcasm and dry humor is a big change of pace from Chelsea Peretti’s loud, over the top comedic style. You might not see her crack a smile during her set, but her ability to deliver line after line in an unapologetic, no-nonsense deadpan will surely get you laughing. 

4. Emily Heller 

Website | Twitter 

If you’re looking for self-deprecating comedy, you’ll find it here. Many comedians create their material at the expense of others, but Heller is (almost always) the butt of her own jokes. “I was never bullied,” she muses thoughtfully. “Which is strange, because I deserved it.” 

5. Tig Notaro

Website | Twitter

Notaro’s astounding ability to make an audience laugh about subjects than can oftentimes be difficult or painful has completely changed the way we view comedy. After a cancer diagnosis required the comedian to undergo a double mastectomy, Notaro’s honest and relatable comedy shattered the stigma often associated with the surgery. You can also watch this amazing documentary that mixes her now legendary standup routine with clips from the real life events that inspired it.

We want to hear from you! Who are your favorite comedians?