5 Excuses That Are Holding You Back and How to Fix Them

Our wish to continue growing in our lives is normal — yet our excuses for why we shouldn’t try is what stops us from taking action. Whether you’re attempting to look for a new job or hoping to pick up a new hobby, the goals you have for yourself begin to form in your head as quickly as the reasons for why you can’t pursue them.

While it’s common to doubt your own potential, the truth is that our ability to improve is only as strong as our determination. As an important factor in any accomplishment, our mentality will either push us to finish the journey to reaching our goals, or discourage us from even beginning the process. Although every situation is different, here are five common excuses that are holding you back and how to fix them in order to live a life based on your dreams (instead of the excuses that fence them in).


1. “I’m waiting for the right time”

We get it — your schedule is busy, your resources are low, and your bank account could be bigger. From attending your weekly cycle class at 7 am to being in charge of another project at work, your responsibilities are endless (and also another reason to blame for why you can’t focus on a side hustle right now).

In an ideal world, the excuse for why you can’t currently make a change would one day disappear and allow you to focus on what you’ve always wanted to do. But in reality, there’s never a right time because there’s always going to be an obstacle in your way. Remember — your life is going to continue to happen right now, no matter what moment in the future you deem as “perfect to start.”

Instead, you should…

  • Accept and take responsibility for your life
  • Discover what your reason is for why you can’t start
  • Make an effort to diminish your excuse (prioritize your schedule if you don’t have time, control your spending if resources are your worry, etc.)


Source: Margo and Me


2. “I’m too young/old”

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies and the fact that we create timelines for our lives is the perfect example of why. It’s understandable — you were supposed to graduate college by 22, move to a new city by 26, get married by 30, and land your dream job somewhere in between this span of time.

Even though it’s normal to know what you want your life to look like, it’s destructive to base what you can and can’t do on your idea of when you should have done it. Whether you decide to move to another city at 50 or go back to school at 33, it’s never too early or too late — all of our paths are different and you should take pride in the direction of yours. After all, your age is a description of who you are, not a deciding factor of who you can be.

Instead, you should…

  • Stop fearing the judgement of others
  • Don’t compare your life to the life of your peers (especially on social media)
  • Begin creating a plan for what you want to do — and enforce it


Source: Chriselle Lim


3. “I’m scared it won’t work out”

The fear of failure is overwhelming — it’s a concept that stops us from taking chances and keeps us in comfort zones. Yet, the actual definition of failing tends to come in the form of something not working out (the way we thought it would). In reality, this isn’t failure, this is simply life.

Although the idea of failure can be discouraging, the freedom that comes with letting go of this fear will allow you to recognize that you only meet obstacles for the purpose of overcoming them. In the end, the only thing scarier than potentially failing is not knowing your potential at all.

Instead, you should…

  • Fix your attitude and embrace the chance you wish to take
  • Recognize why you think you can’t reach your goal and take steps to become more confident in that area (for example: learning the new skill you deem is important to reach the goal)
  • Create a schedule and stick to it



4. “I don’t know where to start”

It’s natural to say that the hardest part of trying to explore the unknown is having the knowledge (and gaining the courage) to take a step in that direction. Regardless if you’re trying to discover your passion or wishing to make your first big move across the country, your resources are limitless — which is probably the reason you’re so confused with where to begin.

Even though it’s easier said than done, you have to start somewhere. Instead of focusing on the right or wrong way to start, decide on your course of action and go for it. Who knows, some of your greatest moments could be on the exact path you choose.

Instead, you should…

  • Research your goal and create a plan to reach it
  • Connect with people who have reached a similar goal or are currently pursuing it
  • Embrace all your networks and don’t feel ashamed for seeking help



5. “I’m not good enough”

With the expectations we set for ourselves in our daily lives and the accomplishments we witness from our peers on social media, it’s easy to focus on what we could be doing more of instead of being proud of what we’ve already done.

It’s unfair to compare yourself to those who have a different journey than you. To avoid falling into this toxic cycle, recognize that being supportive is a healthier approach and that turning the discouragement you feel into determination to reach your goals is also a great idea. You’re the only person who can control your life; therefore, don’t allow the influences of others to intimidate you from truly creating what you want out of it.

Instead, you should…

  • Be honest with yourself and discover the underlying issue of why you feel this way
  • Schedule moments to take a break from social media
  • Reach out to those who you admire and connect with them



How do you deal with the things holding you back in life? Tell us in the comments below!