5 Fashion Blogger Style Tricks You Can Steal Right Now

These days it’s easy to fall into a fashion rut. We’ve all have our go-to tried and true pieces that we pull out each week. Need a bit of a refresh? Make your existing wardrobe feel new again with some simple tweaks on how you style your outfits.

I’ve scrolled through my Instagram feed to pull some easy style inspiration, tips, and tricks from a few of my favorite bloggers that you should try. So let’s shake it up a little bit, shall we?

#1: The Half Tuck

The half shirt tuck is a great way to define your waist without making it the focal point of an outfit. This styling trick works really well with oversized sweaters and tops.

Source: Love, Oila

Source: Sincerely Jules

#2: Mixed Prints

This is such a fun styling alternative! If you’re a beginner, opt for a floral and stripe combo. Not new to mixed prints? Go a bit bolder with contrasting geometric patterns.

Source: A Lily Love Affair

Source: The Werk Place

Source: Sets and Sequins

#3: The Knotted Shirt

Tying a knot in your shirt is such a cool girl way to rock a basic top. It’s a great option for clearly defining your waist without the use of a belt.

Source: Anisa Sojka

Source: The Amber Edit

#4: Play With Proportions

Experiment with varying lengths on bottoms and tops, especially when creating a layered look. By playing with the proportions of an outfit, you’re able to add visual interest and dimension, which is always stylish.

Source: To Vogue or Bust

Source: Style By Alina

#5: Blazers Aren’t Only for the Office

We can all agree that a blazer at the office is a no-brainer, but don’t count out this wardrobe staple out for weekend wear. Go casual with stylish sneakers or throw on your slouchiest tee and denim and see how a blazer pulls it all together.

Source: The Fashion Cuisine

Source: Sydney’s Fashion Diary

What fashion tips or tricks have you tried styled after your favorite blogger?