5 Home Decor Trends We’re Saying Goodbye to, and What to Replace Them With in 2019

It’s a new year, and with it comes a fresh start for everything from your wardrobe to your attitude at work to your home’s design. If redecorating (or truly decorating for the first time) is on your list of resolutions for 2019, it’s helpful to know what the latest home decor trends you should get excited about for this year, and which ones you might want to leave behind in 2018 — at least for a little while.

It’s easy to hit trend overload in this day and age (more on that later), but when it comes to decor, if you don’t regularly follow design blogs and magazines, you may not even know what’s popular until you finally decide to take on a redecorating project. After all, you don’t get to see what strangers’ homes look like when you pass them on the sidewalk. Lucky for you, we spend probably too much time consuming interiors content, so we have a good sense of what styles are starting to look tired, and which ones designers have started leaning on more. Below, we’ve laid out which trends we’re officially tired of seeing and are saying goodbye to, plus the fresh ideas we plan on replacing them with in the new year.


Goodbye: All-White Everything

It’s been a nice, long run but I think it’s safe to say we’ve hit white-out fatigue when it comes to interior design. 2018 was probably the third or fourth year that bright white walls have reigned supreme, especially on Instagram. And while a bright, clean slate will always be a smart and attractive move for certain spaces, we’re ready for color again — and 2019 is forecasted to provide just that.


Hello: Rich, Colorful Spaces

Source: Studio McGee


If you’ve felt boxed in by the minimalist, neutral color palettes that have been popular for the last few years, now is your chance to jump back into richly-colored spaces — and we don’t just mean bright primary colors. Expect to see dark-hued walls, jewel-toned furniture, and fun pops of color in unexpected decor accents.



Goodbye: Industrial-Inspired Lighting

Source: Skona Hem

You may not have fully embraced the industrial, rustic-leaning decor trend that’s been fairly popular the last few years, but it’s pretty likely you got on board with at least one design element that grew out of that trend: the lighting. “Exposed” light fixtures have shown up everywhere, from your favorite artsy coffee shop to the Pottery Barn catalog. We’ve grown weary of the ever-present Edison bulb, excessive hanging wires, and black metal framing that has come to be expected in newly designed spaces.


Hello: Unique, Vintage-Inspired Lighting


In 2019, we’re ready to embrace unique, vintage-inspired light fixtures that will still draw attention, but instead be unexpected (instead of more of the same). Milk glass fixtures featuring the classic white-colored glass are back in a big way and make for brilliant pendants or wall sconces. If you like the airiness that came with many industrial light fixtures, consider switching the black metal for brass or chrome for a fresh look. Bringing in texture via woven shades and wooden elements is another way to add another layer of interest to your space.



Goodbye: Millennial Pink

We’ve already explained that we’re ready for a break from the all-white decor trend, but one of those barely-there hues that stuck around through the white-out was of course millennial pink. We won’t disagree that it’s the perfect shade of light pink when you need one, but if you’re looking for a new accent color that’ll go with everything just as well, then it’s time to pass the mustard.


Hello: Mustard Yellow

Source: Anthropologie

Mustard yellow has quickly become the hot new color — and for good reason. Unlike millennial pink, there is a bit of a spectrum when it comes to mustard yellow, ranging from an almost olive-meets-chartreuse yellow to nearly gold. It can pass off as a neutral in a more muted form, and as an accent color, it pairs well with other hues — from pale blue and lavender to burgundy and hunter green. Not to mention, it’s gender-neutral and can work in both modern and more traditional spaces.



Goodbye: Mid-Century Modern

Source: A Cup of Jo

Ever since Mad Men premiered in 2007, mid-century modern era furniture and decor has experienced a hugely popular revival. The clean lines and unadorned pieces have collided well with the more recent sway toward minimalist Scandinavian-influenced decor, so it’s become even more mainstream. However, we feel like it’s become a little too mainstream. Having too much decor or furniture all in one style can quickly make your space feel one-dimensional, so we’re ready to take a break from shopping mid-century modern-inspired pieces before they lose their special quality. Consider this one more of a pause than a full stop.


Hello: Art Deco

The next style of furniture that’s set to take 2019 by storm is art deco: the Gatsby-era design genre that leans more toward maximalist than minimalist. The style emphasizes geometric patterns and curves, luxe materials and fabrics, and an overall more feminine, glamorous look than the comparatively paired-down mid-century modern. As we’d suggest with any dominant design style, moderation is key. But even an accent of art deco will make a statement in your space. You can bet you’ll be seeing plenty of decor with art deco vibes in the coming year, featuring vertical lines, sunburst and Greek key patterns, and lacquered finishes.



Goodbye: Mimicking What You See on Social Media

Instagram and Pinterest have completely changed how we research and discover home design ideas. Before, we got a handful of house tours in each magazine issue we might subscribe to, and we had to wait until the next month for more. Now, there is literally limitless design inspiration at our fingertips — which is definitely a good thing. We’ve noticed, however, that trends are even trendier on social media. Bloggers, designers, and even media outlets fall victim to a sort of imitation game and end up sharing very similarly styled spaces, because that’s what performs well. If you want proof, go check out the interiors-focused accounts you follow and see how many fall into the modern, minimalist boho category. That can be limiting for us as followers and turn our homes into the decor version of your middle-school clique who all wore the exact same outfits as each other (read: boring copies of one another).


Hello: Discovering Your Own Personal Style

This year, we challenge you to challenge your newsfeed by looking for new designers and accounts that embody a different style from what you’re comfortable with and used to seeing. Swear by Scandinavian-style minimalism? Add some bold color to your feed. Crave traditional, neutral furnishings? Try following someone with contemporary style. You never know what sort of realization about your personal taste you might come to by widening your inspiration sources.