5 Makeup Brands You Need to Know

If you’re like me, your beauty buying habits consist of trolling the Sephora app or roaming the aisles of drugstores to hunt down new products. Sometimes, however, less mainstream brands are perfect for finding a niche product that magically works wonders!

At The Makeup Show this year in New York City, I was introduced to five new-to-me makeup brands that wowed. So, behold, the makeup lines I’m excited to keep exploring.

1.  Besame Cosmetics for that Vintage Glam Look

Source: Besame Cosmetics

Besame Cosmetics channels the classics but with a vintage vibe, drawing on the decades when gals glammed up. Inspired by her grandmother’s beauty routine, artist and cosmetic historian Gabriela Hernandez founded the line in 2004. Particularly fabulous are the line’s red lipsticks—with a slew of shades to choose from, it’s almost guaranteed that your elusive perfect red is among them!

Source: Besame Cosmetics

1930 Black Mascara $23
Brightening Violet Powder $22
Classic Color Lipstick Matches $6

2.  Hakuhodo for the Best Brushes

Source: Julia Graf

Hakuhodo is located in Kumano, Japan, a city known for manufacturing calligraphy brushes for over 200 years. As you can imagine, this means these people know their brushes! If you’re in the mood for splurging, their beautiful fan brushes will seriously up your bronzer game this summer.

Source: Hakuhodo USA 

Fan Brush $45
Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush $84
Kokutan Eyebrow Brush $40
Maple Kinoko Kabuki Brush $125

3. Kett Cosmetics for Airbrushed Skin

Source: Kristina Shi

Made famous for their professional airbrush kits, many of Kett Cosmetics’ products can still be used and applied with more traditional tools. Standout products include their hydroblush, which gives a gorgeous wash of color. Quality vegan-friendly brushes can be tricky to find, but Kett’s black and white brush collection manages to deliver on this and a luxurious feel.

4. The Lip Bar for Unique Statement Lips

Source: The Lip Bar

You might have seen The Lip Bar make its debut on Shark Tank, but don’t let that discourage you from giving these gluten and paraben-free beauties a swipe. Lipsticks from this line use natural ingredients like Shea butter and avocado oil to moisturize while delivering an impressively opaque color payoff. I’m betting whiskey sour becomes one of my go-to fall colors.

Source: Monroe Misfit Makeup

Tiramisu Toffee Gloss $11.90
Base Lady Liquid Matte $11.90
Gin-ger and Tonic Lipstick $10.90

5. Face Atelier for Pro-Level Makeup Bag Additions

Source: Face Atelier

Face Atelier’s Canadian line is cruelty-free and is in the process of becoming a vegan brand by removing ingredients like beeswax from their products. I love their lip putty, which fills in lines around the mouth and is a great lipstick primer! Also impressive is the company’s generous sample program. Many products are available to try for $1 each, which comes in handy when you’re shade testing.

Source: Makeup By Erl

Lash RX Mascara $24
Ultra Sheer Pro $36
Facade Face and Lip Color $28

Have you tried any products from these lines? What other makeup brands have a niche product you love?