5 One-Piece Outfits That Will Have You Out the Door in a Flash

  • Copy by: Conni Jespersen
  • Feature Image By: Lovely Pepa

Never a tried and true morning riser, I’m always running a few minutes behind. A constant multitasker, I try to empty the dishwasher while making coffee, putting on my makeup, and blow-drying my hair. Anyone else’s mornings sound familiar?

In addition to morning multitasking, it can also be challenging to coordinate an outfit in five minutes flat. Often, what takes the most time is worrying about an outfit piece-by-piece. For that reason, one-piece outfits are a great option to save you time and effort on those mornings when you can’t seem to get out the door. All you need is some inspiration, which is why we’ve curated five one-piece outfits to help you get ready in a flash.

1. Shirt Dresses

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Shirt dresses are the perfect piece for transitioning between work and weekend. Because they come in so many cuts and styles—long, short, swing, buttoned, shift—they can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize. Pair it with a jacket and lace-up flats or a belt and booties, and you’ve got a complete one-piece outfit.

2. Overalls

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You might associate overalls with your elementary school days, but we can assure you—they’re totally on-trend. Grab a few pairs in different washes, add a striped shirt, throw on some heels, and voila!

3. Romper

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This one-piece wonder is perfect for a day when it’s too hot to wear pants, but the occasion doesn’t exactly call for shorts. Add a cropped jacket and pair with your favorite flats.

4. Maxi Dress

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The unsung hero in the dress world, maxis are the perfect way to look “done up” with minimal effort. Whether it’s with sneakers or heels, this piece is a closet staple. See our 30 favorite maxi dresses under $100 here.

5. Jumpsuit

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A more fashion-forward take on the pantsuit, these one pieces can be worn for multiple occasions: from a fun print for casual beach day to a basic black for a dressy night out. Pair with a heel or even a gladiator sandal and you’re out the door. Want to make your jumpsuit work for work? See our styling secrets here.

What are your favorite one-piece wonders? Share them in the comments below!