5 Podcasts to Improve Your Daily Commute

  • Copy by: Daryl Lindsey

The hour drive in rush hour traffic. The long walk to the subway station. The trek up the hill to your college campus. In one way or another, we all have one: The dreaded daily commute.

It’s easy for transit time to feel like wasted time. I often dream of living next door to work and school to save myself the precious time I could spend writing the great American novel or developing a cure for the common cold. But alas, I must commute, but at the very least I manage to stay entertained along the way.

Here are five podcasts to make your daily commute feel like time well spent:

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It’s exactly what it sounds like: A sleepover podcast with pajamas, snacks, pillowforts and the like. This podcast is a guilty, silly pleasure for me. What grown woman doesn’t miss, at least a little, having sleepovers with her best girl friends? Alie and Georgia are witty and smart with a sarcastic humor that borders on satire, bound to bring you a few laughs as you wait for that northbound train.


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Growing up, did you ever have questions you were too embarrassed to ask your mother? This podcast is on a mission to answer each and every one of those questions, no matter how sensitive the topic.


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Led by force of nature Aisha Tyler, Girl on Guy consistently proves that women not only know how to be funny, they can bring you to tears from laughter.  Tyler skillfully interviews comics, writers and actors such as Jay Mohr, Questlove, Adam Savage and Tom Morello. If you love comedy, you need this podcast in your life.


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Design lovers, rejoice! Design*Sponge also comes in podcast form. Grace Bonney delves deeper into the world of independent artists, interviewing store owners, designers, and important members of the design community. It’s a perfect supplement to the design website, which has been ruling the Blogosphere for over a decade.


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Let’s get real: Men have dominated the food industry for most of history. That’s why we love hearing female journalists Monica Eng and Louisa Chu take on the world of food, featuring regional cuisine and delving into the politics of food and health.

We want your recommendations! What podcasts do you love and why?