5 Quick Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

Sound the trumpets—everyone’s favorite season is here! We know summer is fun but the crisp air, changing colors, and layered fashion that come with fall will forever have our hearts. We teamed up with Pier 1 to show you five easy ways to bring the festive season into your home.

1. Cozy Texture

First and foremost, bring out the cozy blankets and pillow covers! Whether it’s cable knit wool, faux fur, or buffalo check flannel, the heavy layers and texture will immediately cozy up the room. We especially love the lux look of this faux Mongolian fur pillow available for only $34.95 at Pier 1!


2. Festive Decorative Accents

Another easy switch is to bring in seasonal decor—pumpkins, gourds, a bowl of Gala apples, bright yellow sunflowers—it’s all fair game and instantly brings the colors of the season into your home. Prefer to keep a neutral color palette? You can find those pretty white pumpkins at most stores or pumpkin patches, or go the route we did and find a lidded porcelain pumpkin bowl to hide Halloween treats!

3. Candlelight

Harsh, bright overhead lighting might be our least favorite thing and can absolutely ruin a beautiful room. So when the days start getting shorter, remember to turn on lamps instead of going for the overhead lighting switch. And while you’re at it, light a few white unscented pillar candles! So few of us have that dream fireplace in our living rooms, but candles add great ambiance and mood lighting! And how cool is this is this geometric hurricane, only $32.95?!


4. Fragrance

An easy switch that you might not think to do is bringing seasonal fragrance into the home with candles, diffusers, hand soaps, dish soap, potpourri, etc. From spiced apple to pumpkin soufflé, there’s a vast selection available but be careful not to mix too many different scents in a single room (or even your whole home). We recommend sticking to a single candle scent at any given time, and if you go the route of hand and dish soaps, it’s best to buy in a set of the same scent.


5. Dishware, Serving Pieces, Cookware, etc.

Lastly, consider swapping out summer dishware and drinkware for more fun, seasonal options. Think amber wine goblets, copper mugs, and harvest-colored table linens to liven up your kitchen table.



Brought to you by Pier 1 Imports but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

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