5 Reasons We All Need Made-for-TV Christmas Movies (and Where to Watch Them)!

Confession. Last winter we went cable-free in our home. We broke up with our provider due to limited package options and seriously escalating prices.

The break-up was swift and we were coping. But my husband quickly saw the void when baseball started and then again when football rolled around. I was doing… ok. But now that the holidays are here, ask me how much I WANT THE MADE-FOR-TV CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

Why you ask?! Well let me tell you!


5 Reasons We All Need Made-for-TV Christmas Movies

Reason 1. They are like a visual feast for your eyes: endless Christmas cookies and decorations, ice skating, perfect snowfalls, charming towns and old hotels… the set decorators miss no detail when getting the holiday factor just right for these cheery, colorful sets.

Reason 2. There is actually a fun little game that’s taken the Internet by storm meant to accompany watching said movies. It’s become quite hysterical now seeing just how many of these points each movie hits.

Reason 3. You get to see some of your favorite actresses back on the screen! Stars from our favorite TV shows growing up play the leading role in not one, but multiple, small-screen holiday gems.

Reason 4. The love interests aren’t too shabby to look at either… let’s just say the casting directors know their audience and get this right.

Reason 5. Most importantly, these movies are a 90-minute, stress-free break from all that is dark, violent, and anxiety-inducing in the media and news headlines we’re inundated with each and every day. They’re filled with Christmas caroling, family dinners, reunited friends, good deeds, first kisses, and second chances. And we could all use a little more of that, especially during the holidays.

So who’s with me?! [Hands raise across the country.]


…and Where to Watch Them

The problem is… like me, I know many of you have also gone the way of ditching cable service. Alas! I have discovered a solution! And the best part is… you can watch it from any compatible device… TV, computer, tablet, down to your smartphone (you know–for when you’re delayed at the airport and need something, anything to remind you what the season is all about).

You just have to download an app, DIRECTV NOW, that will stream to all your devices including an Apple TV or Roku. And they offer packages starting at $35 a month that lets you stream 60+ channels, up to a $70/mo. package with 120+ channels. NO need to buy-in for one or two years. Can cancel at any time without penalty. I don’t know about you but that is a lot less than our previous cable bill.

Plus in addition to live streaming your favorite channels, they have a whole section of movies and TV favorites available including “Holiday Favorites” with popular classics (see our Top Ten Favorite Christmas Movies here).


The best part? If you sign up before January 1 like me, you can select one of these great add-ons for free:

1. A free Roku Streaming Stick: Free for new customers who prepay for just 1 month of DIRECTV NOW (min. $35/mo.).*

or 2. Birthday Offer: In celebration of DIRECTV NOW’s first birthday, new customers can get $25 off their first month of service for any package using the “BDAY2017” promo code. (Service auto-renews after 1 month (min. $35/mo.) unless canceled.)**


Happy Holidays from one Christmas cheeseball to another!
* No refunds. Service renews monthly until canceled. Restrictions apply. Details at directvnow.com.
** No refunds. Restrictions apply. See www.directvnow.com for details.


This post is in collaboration with DIRECTV NOW but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.