5 Season Finales Everygirl Editors Can’t Wait For

  • Copy by: Daryl Lindsey

It’s that time of year again! Our favorite TV shows are now in their final episodes before wrapping up for the season. It’s easy to develop a love/hate relationship with season finales. Yes, finales can be incredibly fun to watch and make for great excuses to get all of your friends together for a viewing party or two, but a girl can only take so many cliffhangers!

We’re sad we’ll have to wait until the fall to reconnect with some of our favorite characters, but the next few weeks are going to make for some great television. (And hey, there’s always Hulu, where you can rewatch your favorite shows to your heart’s content until they return in the fall!)

Here are five season finales The Everygirl editors can’t wait to watch. (Warning: this post contains spoilers if you haven’t been watching the shows this season!) 


1. The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth is a brand new show that took me completely by surprise. I originally tuned in because I have a not-so-secret girl crush on the always hilarious Kristen Schaal, who co-stars in the comedic series with Will Forte. I spent most of the pilot repeating, “What is HAPPENING right now?!” over and over again because everything about the show (the writing, the pacing, the concept itself) is unlike any other TV show I’ve seen before. The post-apocalyptic genre is all the rage right now, and yet this show subverts that trend by putting an often unlikeable, completely ordinary man in the middle of an extraordinary situation. I don’t want to give too much away because I don’t think many people have watched this show yet. I’ll just say this: Last Man on Earth’s finale is at the TOP of my list this season! – Daryl Schmidt, Culture Editor
Finale airs May 3 on FOX | Watch The Last Man on Earth on Hulu

2. New Girl

What’s not to love about New Girl? Each quirky character is hilarious in their own way — I can always count on Winston, Cece, Nick, Jess, Coach, and Schmidt to make me laugh. Favorite moments this season include the giant-spider hunt (I can relate as a fellow arachnophobic) and Jess and Cece’s blowout-induced walk of shame. Who doesn’t feel on top of the world when they have a blowout? I wish I could be part of the gang in real life, but I’ll settle for watching their crazy antics for a half hour per week. My favorite part of the show, however, is watching Jess and Nick interact. Although they sometimes butt heads, at the end of the day they always support each other and come to each other’s rescue. C’mon, they are CLEARLY meant to be and I have been hoping and praying all season that they reconnect. Fingers crossed that something happens in the finale!
– Liza Rollins, Living Editor
Finale airs May 5 on FOX | Watch New Girl on Hulu

3. Scandal

I was actually behind when the first season of Scandal came out–I began watching it while training for my last military deployment and I got so hooked! Now on season four, I’m as obsessed as ever (my boyfriend knows that Thursdays are red wine and Olivia Pope nights for me!) A few of my personal thoughts about this season: I’m digging that Vice President Ross stuck to her personal morals and read through the entire bill; I loved that we got to see Huck try to reconnect with his family; and I’m not going to lie here, not really digging Mellie running for office. Also, seriously loved Abby’s monologue about the differences between men and women in the public eye and how they’re perceived by the media. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with Fitz and Olivia. On one hand, I’m pulling for the Vermont plotline, but on the other hand, I want Liv to move on from Mr. President and continue doing her, which she’s done quite well the last couple episodes (and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love if she eventually got back with Jake).

I’m still impressed with how Kerry Washington portrays Olivia, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this season is going to end. Show creator Shonda Rhimes never disappoints in the season finale department! I think what I want to know most is what will happen to those affiliated with and trying to take down B613? – Cassandra Monroe, Food Editor
Finale airs May 14 on ABC | Watch Scandal on Hulu

4. Once Upon a Time

This might be my favorite season of Once Upon a Time yet. It had a strong start intertwining the internationally beloved characters from Frozen (yes, I’m obsessed with the gang from Arendal and proud to say it), followed by the Wicked Witch of the West’s debut (Rebecca Mader is brilliant in this role and I loved the surprise twist of her being the Evil Queen’s sister), and now the return of Maleficent! The ever-changing storyline this season is a nice deviation from last year’s never-ending Neverland plot arc.

But the good vs evil saga aside, it’s really the multiple love stories that keep me coming back to watch every week! Will Regina (formerly the Evil Queen) and Robin Hood’s on-again, off-again romance ever end in a happy ending? Pass the popcorn please. And a possible Emma, Hook, August love triangle?! It’s like the modern day, fantasyland version of Joey, Dawson, and Pacey! In other words: TV gold. This finale can’t come soon enough.
Alaina Kaczmarski, Editor and Cofounder
Finale airs May 10 on ABC | Watch Once Upon a Time on Hulu

5. The Voice

At this point into the seaon on The Voice, you get attached to some of the artists, and it’s really upsetting when someone you’re pulling for goes home (for me this was 16-year-old blues singer Mia Z). The coaches add a lot of personality to the show; they’re fun to watch and get to know. For the final weeks of the show, it’s a must for me to watch the results live to make sure none of my people are in the bottom three. If they are, I have to be around for the “Instant Save” 5-minute live vote to save one of the performers in the bottom three. I can’t wait to see who snags the number one spot this year. Like everyone, I have a favorite, but we’ll see! Being a Texas girl raised on country music, I’d love to see Corey Kent White take the cake! – Caroline Wilder, Living Editor
Finale airs May 19 on NBC | Watch The Voice on Hulu

Will you be watching any of these finales? What TV shows are you excited for this season? If you miss any of these highly anticipated finales, no worries! They’ll be available on Hulu one day after they air.


This post is brought to you by Hulu. Don’t be left out of the conversation! Be sure to catch up on your favorite show’s latest episodes before the finale. 


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    Definitely excited for the new season of “The Walking Dead”. Happened to start watching the seasons on Netflix and instantly became a super fan! It’s going to be challenging to wait until October for the new season lol.

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  • Dia

    New girl was bittersweet. I can’t wait for Scandal now that they told us what Foxtail is.

    I’m excited about the renewal announcements

  • I’m super excited about ‘OUAT’ finale! And also I’m really looking forward to every new episeode of ‘Stalker’, this tv-show is so good!



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    Jane the Virgin!!!!!!!

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    The Royals!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!