5 Tips to Make Your Wrapping Look Glamorous

Gift wrapping is one of those things that looks insanely easy, but can end up being the most tedious part of your holiday prep. Bows never look like they do on Pinterest and you don’t want to spend more on wrapping supplies than you did on gifts.

That’s why I compiled 5 tips to consider when wrapping, so you can achieve a glamorous look on a realistic budget. No more frustration or failed inspiration.

Of course, this a creative process so sit down, stock up on supplies, enjoy a glass of bubbly, turn on your favorite playlist, and get to wrapping! If things aren’t turning out the way you imagined, take a break and come back later.

1. Choose double-sided wrapping paper.

When you opt for double-sided wrapping paper, you are essentially getting two coordinating looks for the price of one. Rotate between sides, especially if you are giving multiple gifts to the same person. I adore most things Kate Spade, but her wrapping paper takes holiday cheer to the next level. The black and white strips on one side and gold polka-dots on the other are a coordinating look that can still be accented with the same ribbon and garnish.

2. Select ribbon that makes a statement.

Adding sequins to a dress makes it fancier, right? Well it’s the same with wrapping. Adding sequins or ribbon that makes a statement is essential in creating that “wow” factor. Try coordinating colors, mixing two ribbons for a layered effect, doubling the same color but with different textures, or opt for a bright metallic satin ribbon to really add a touch of glam.

Ribbon can get expensive, so if you have storage and plan in advance, stock up for next year the day after Christmas when holiday items go on sale.

3. Learn to make bows and don’t be afraid to practice.

The same way a centerpiece can tie together a table, so does the bow on your gift. Statement bows can change an entire look and feel of a present. Pinterest is a great resource for bow tying tutorials, but if it’s your first time: keep it simple. Try this one or this one.

4. Don’t forget the gift tag!

The present equivalent of getting dressed with no shoes or jewelry—your gift tag is important. Of course all the gift wrapping from Kate Spade is adorable, but in my opinion her gift tags take the cake. With cute little lines like “cheers” and “this round’s on me”, she took the idea of celebrating any occasion and made it come to life.

For a budget friendly option, try free printable or use scrapbook paper to create your own. If your handwriting is superb, use a metallic gel pen and write directly on the top or bottom of your gift.

5. Add the unexpected.

Feathers, greenery, sequins, beads, holly, you name it! Be creative with your own personal style. I’m really drawn to feathers right now, so I added beautiful white ones to the sparkle and ribbon. I also love adding an inexpensive ornament to the outside of your package (like the donut above). It’s an easy touch that can transform and give your gifts a unique look.

What do you add to your gifts to give it that festive and personal touch?