5 Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Trip Easier

We’re always looking forward to our next vacation, but not so much the *stress* that comes with planning it all, especially if we’re hopping across the pond. There are so many details, from what to pack to planning air travel to booking hotels. We’ve rounded up some of the best travel hacks to make your next travel experience way less turbulent.


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Plan your *perfect* trip from beginning to end with Noken

Noken literally takes all the stressful moments about planning a trip and makes them So! Much! Fun! They’re in the business of making sure that your accommodations, transportation, and activities are perfect for your price point — and adventure point — and all booked before you even get there. Their signature destinations are Iceland and Colombia, with four more amazing countries coming soon. Build your own adventure by choosing dining options, city visits, excursions to glaciers or beaches, all on your own schedule or by following their carefully curated ideal route.

The best part for my financially-minded self? Everything is broken down by price point so it’s super easy to figure out what will be the most bang for your hard-earned buck. It’s like a tour through another country with your Noken app being the guide. Want to save $200 on your trip with Noken? Use promo code THEEVERYGIRL.


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Find the absolute cheapest flights with Scott’s Cheap Flights

Figure out your cheapest flight options with this free email service which drops low budget fares right into your inbox daily, with a premium upgrade for even more flights. Don’t bother with those comparing sites any more, and just wait for the perfect fare to come to you.


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Learn those key foreign language phrases with Duolingo

If you’re planning on visiting another country, it’s worth your while to brush up on a key phrase or two in that country’s native language. Duolingo is a free, simplified Rosetta Stone-like program to teach yourself a new language quickly, and it’s super fun! You’ll thank yourself later when you can order pasta in Italian in Italy.


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Pack like a pro with a chic Away suitcase

For most of life, it’s about the journey, not the destination — except in actual air travel. Airports are just the worst, and dealing with broken or worn out luggage doesn’t make it any easier. Enter the Away suitcase, designed for the traveler. It’s uber sleek, built to last, and filled with lots of compartments to make packing a breeze. The best part? The built-in USB charger. In the suitcase. Like right on top, so there’s no need to rush for an outlet once you get off the flight and your phone is on 3% and you need to order an Uber. Away thought of it all.


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Navigate your way through any country with the Google Translate App

So even if you did the whole Duolingo deal and you’ve got “wine” and “cheese” under your belt in French (“vin” et “fromage”), you might still have no clue what those road signs or menus are saying. The Google Translate app, as well as being a great text-to-text translator, now translates from images. Just hover the camera in the app over the text you’d like to translate (say, a menu? or street sign?), and voila! You’ll be able to make your way through a foreign country no problem.


What are your favorite travel hacks? How do you make traveling more enjoyable?


This post was in partnership with Noken, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.