6 Creative Ways to Track Your Travels

  • Copy by: Megan Stroup Tristao
  • Feature Image By: Kate Price

Maybe you just returned from your first solo backpacking trip and are already planning your next adventure. Or maybe you’ve been traveling internationally with your family since you were a child. Or maybe you are excitedly planning your first global journey, and you are already thinking about how to commemorate your trip when you arrive home. Whatever your travel experience, there are maps, globes and DIY projects galore to help memorialize those adventures—and make for great conversation starters when friends visit. Here are just a few!

1. A New Way to Push Pin

I love a good push-pin map as much as the next traveling Everygirl (I have one at home myself!) but if you are looking for something a little different to achieve the same purpose, try a cork globe. You can even color coordinate your push pins—maybe you have different pins for places you have visited and places you want to visit, or maybe you and your roomies can all choose a color to represent your own travel experiences. Or, if you have a wall map on corkboard, feel free to dress it up with photos or other small paper reminders from your travels.

2. Scratch It Off

After push-pin maps, scratch-off maps appeared as the next big thing in humble-bragging travel décor. But if you don’t have the wall space for a map (or are looking for something a little more original), consider a scratch-off globe or journal to track your travels.

3. Get Social Media Savvy

So you already have a custom hashtag to track your travels on Twitter and Instagram, but what about starting a fun travel photo series to document your destinations? Murad and Nataly Osmann’s “Follow Me To” is arguably one of the best-known photo series on social media, but what about Tom Robinson’s “Feet First” photography project? Or Tomasz Furmanek’s gorgeous shots from inside his kayak? Decide what your “thing” is—maybe you drink coffee in every country you visit, or maybe you love visiting local libraries—and develop a custom shot to share with followers.

4. Souvenirs on Display

Do you collect anything when you travel? Would you like to start? Personally, I collect postcards from everywhere I go, but they usually end up sitting in a memory box. If you have a souvenir collection, find a creative way to display your goods! Maybe you collect something small and easy to display, like magnets or charms. Maybe you collect mugs, in which case a hanging rack would serve as an attractive display and storage option in your kitchen or living room. Maybe you really like beer, so maybe one of these maps would come in handy to track your craft beer experiences across America.

5. Better on Vinyl

I couldn’t resist sharing one more gigantic map to round out the list! Unlike many other maps, this one requires neither a large, expensive frame nor landlord-approved holes in the wall. This wall-adhesive map features vinyl stickers for all the landmasses in the world (pre-spaced on application tape for your convenience), and even includes 20 colorful “pins” to mark your favorite destinations.

6. Publish Your Photographs

Source: Lucy Laucht

Avid travelers or photography aficionados may find they have more photos and stories than they can reasonably share on Instagram. In that case, you may want to consider starting a travel blog to record your travels while sharing your adventures with family, friends and an Internet audience. If you don’t have the interest or time to start a travel blog, you can still publish your travel photographs for posterity in a photo book. Many photo websites, including Shutterfly and Artifact Uprising, have easy, functional options to design beautiful albums featuring your favorite travel photos.

Tell us, how do you track your travels? Do you have a fun travel hashtag or photo series? Share in the comments below!