6 Eco-Friendly Fashion Lines We’re Obsessed With

As the eco-friendly fashion market continues to grow, more and more labels are designing clothing with the perfect mix of killer style and feel good sustainability. And while there are varying degrees of “eco,” any brand that takes the time to consider the world around us is a brand that we can fully get behind. From dresses to accessories, see why shopping has never felt so guilt free—these clothes make us feel good inside and out.

1. Svilu

Source: Svilu

Who They Are: Born out of the desire to create beautifully made and thoughtfully designed staples for women, Svilu offers a minimalistic approach to style that rejects fast-fashion trends.  

What They’re Doing: Environmentally sensitive fabrics and practices are utilized whenever possible, and the brand continues to research ways to reduce their impact while maintaining the integrity of designs.

Favorite Pieces: Crepe Knot Dress, Paisley Rose Print Long Pants  

Price: $$ – $$$

2. Freedom of Animals

Source: Freedom Of Animals 

Who They Are: Marrying form, function, style, and affordability, Freedom of Animals handbags are made with high quality materials to create sleek, versatile, and sophisticated pieces that are an eco-friendly choice in the luxury accessories market.

What They’re Doing: While each Freedom of Animals bag looks and feels as soft as leather, the brand has found a more sustainable fabric to take its place (utilizing years of research). Their process strictly follows EPA guidelines to ensure an eco-friendly product.

Favorite Pieces: Boromo Circle Bag, Nikki Reed X Freedom of Animals Mini Bucket Bag

Price: $$ – $$$

3. H&M Conscious Collection

Source: H&M

Who They Are: One of our favorite fast-fashion brands has created a sustainable line in the hopes of creating a “better fashion future” for all.

What They’re Doing: Through the responsible use of natural resources, best practice recycling efforts, and smart climate decision making (such as washing at lower temperatures and choosing efficient lighting or renewable energy), H&M is creating wearable fashion for the conscious consumer.

Favorite Peices: Girlfriend Jeans, V-Neck Blouse

Price: $

4. Amour Vert

Source: Amour Vert

Who They Are: Amour Vert means “green love” in French, and this contemporary line offers ethical, sustainable, and affordable products to conscious fashion girls worldwide.

What They’re Doing: Specially engineered textiles and blended fabrics are crafted to be soft, flattering, and long lasting. A zero-waste philosophy guides everything the brand does and creates.

Favorite Pieces: June in Paisley, Kristy in Blue Stripe

Price: $$ – $$$

5. Carrie Parry

Source: Carrie Parry 

Who They Are: A stunning mix of feminine, timeless pieces designed with a commitment to responsible sources and practices.

What They’re Doing: From creating total transparency around the story behind the clothing, to U.S. made production and consumption, this brand takes both ethical and sustainable manufacturing to heart.

Favorite Pieces: Silk Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Cotton Classic Button Up  

Price: $$

6. People Tree

Source: People Tree

Who They Are:  For more than twenty years, People Tree has partnered with Fair Trade artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco-friendly collections.

What They’re Doing: People Tree developed the first integrated supply chain for organic cotton from farm to final product, becoming the first organization anywhere to achieve GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Favorite Pieces: Alba Trousers, Gita Sweatshirt

Price: $ – $$

Share with us your favorite eco-friendly brands in the comments!

  • Baaba

    This post is right on time! I’ve recently adjusted my diet and exercise routine and picked something that would work with my lifestyle. Its great to get confirmation that this is a marathon not a sprint and planning is key.

  • Susan Hager

    I can finally say that after many years of not feeling “balanced,” I finally got myself in balance this past year. I know what my week looks like and I’ve stayed organized with it. But I’ll definitely share this article with friends and family members of mine who definitely could benefit reading this perspective!

  • Kristen

    I appreciate that this article focuses on habits vs specific food/exercise suggestions. Each person has individual goals and they can be achieved best when you look at the habits that help/hinder!

  • This post is coming at such a good time for me! I hear of brides doing juice cleanses and crazy diets and it’s almost making me feel like a failure for NOT doing a crazy diet before my wedding (which is a month away). But the truth is, I work out 4-5 times a week and eat pretty healthfully so I haven’t made any major changes. Such a good read!

  • Emily

    The Everygirl reads my mind! I was just about to look up if there were any articles on cleanses. I’m assuming the advice on a juice cleanse would be a no-go?

  • My mother always says “everything in moderation,” and I hear that in my head all the time now! It’s so true though. You will never be able to sustain most diets, so I try to be practical and let myself indulge a bit here and there!

  • life coach London

    Staying healthy requires a lot of thinking and self reflection to be successful. You have to always discipline yourself so that will be stay on the right track of achieving your goal. http://coreevolve.com/

  • Great article! Thank you for bringing this to light.

    This is exactly what I teach my clients. You did not put on the weight overnight so you have to understand and be gentle on yourself that the weight will not be lost overnight. Also understanding that at the same time you need to look at your lifestyle. Does your current lifestyle agree with your health goal?

    No one diet fits everyone! Everyone responds differently to different foods. The recent new diet may work for your friend but it doesn’t mean your body will respond to it. It’s about finding what works well for you and how to crowd out the junk in your diet & lifestyle.

    Certified Holistic Health Coach