6 Fresh Hair Colors for Spring

Like clockwork, every time spring comes around, we put all our energy into refreshing various parts of our lives. Whether it’s spring cleaning, updating our wardrobe, or trying a new hairdo, spring is the best time to change things up. And your hair color is the perfect place to start.

1. If you’ve never color treated your hair, try babylights.

Source: Grey Likes Weddings

For those of you with completely untouched locks and you want a subtle refresh, try babylights for a natural brightening effect. This is when your hair colorist uses a shade one step lighter than your natural color and creates subtle highlights for a sun-kissed look. The results will brighten your look without going too bold.

2. If you have a warm shade of red or blonde, try rose gold highlights.


Rose gold is no longer just a jewelry trend. The gorgeous shade has now transitioned into the hair world and we can’t complain! If you have a warmer ‘do (think fire-y red or golden blonde hair), try adding rose gold highlights to create a unique look with a big impact.

3. If your hair is jet black, try soft black.

Source: NY Mag

Softening up your color is a great way to transition into spring. If your hair is a deep, jet black, try asking your hair colorist for a softer shade of black. This gentler hue will look great against the pale colors of spring!

4. If you have medium-dark brown hair, try golden balayage highlights.

Source: Hairstyles in Houston

For the brunettes, balayage is a great technique for changing up your ‘do. Balayage is when your hair colorist paints on the color, usually on the lower half of your hair, creating a custom sun-kissed effect. Incorporating golden highlights into brunette hair will brighten up your look just in time for spring.

5. If you hair is yellow blonde, try cool blonde.

Source: The Fashion Spot

Whether you’re a natural blonde or you have yellowish highlights, refresh your color with a cooler shade. Think ashy, icy, and beige tones that will give your locks a “bluer” hue. The update creates a subtle, yet noticeable difference—you’ll be surprised how much it can affect your skin tone and bring out your eyes.

6. If you have all over color, try dip-dyed.

Source: @thejenniejenkins on Instagram

If your hair is one solid color, such as a rich brown or a deep black, try the dip-dyed trend. Go bold with an ocean blue or opt for something more natural, like a caramel hue. You can try a more defined by coloring just the ends or create an ómbre effect for something a bit more natural.

What hair color are you going to try this spring?