7 Pants to Try for Fall (That Aren’t Jeans)

I confess: I’m a jeans addict. I’ve been wearing them all summer — 80° days and all — and they have always been my go-to pant of choice. But the imminent change of seasons has me rethinking my crutch. What’s life like outside of skinny jeans and distressed boyfriend denim? This fall, I’m finding out with the help of these seven (denim-free) wardrobe staples. Who’s with me?


1. The Cropped Cigarette

Source: 9 to 5 Chic

Think Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face (#GOALS). A slim, cropped trouser — often called a “cigarette” pant — with a pair of classic loafers is everything I could ever want for fall. Style it big on top with slouchy sweaters and comfy, butter-soft turtlenecks. Extra points for a minimal leather belt. Or keep it simple with a slim monochrome top. You can’t go wrong.






2. The Wide Leg

Source: Memorandum

Source: Everlane

The rise of wide leg trousers as a new ~trend~ was a godsend, as I have some real in-your-face thighs to deal with. The wide leg balances everything out and makes me feel like a tiny delicate flower. Plus, the swooshy bottoms are actually super fun to walk in. Take them from work to the weekend — they’re as versatile as it gets.






3. The Leather Statement

Source: Sassique

This fall, try every outfit you’d wear with jeans with slim leather leggings instead. They add an instant boost of texture and create subtle interest. Plus, they make you feel like a rockstar.






4. The Jumpsuit

Source: Roolee

Source: Vogue

The one-and-done nature of a jumpsuit is EVERYTHING. Literally. So. Easy. Save $$$ by remixing your warm-weather jumpsuits into autumn with breezy, paper-thin cardigans or chunky knits.






5. The Belted Waist

Source: ASOS

Give me a high-waisted pant every day and any day. A high, belted waist is a subtle nod-to-the-trend without being overdone. Plus, they are an instant and oh-so-breezy way to take that t-shirt from casual to snazzy. Boom, you’re done.






6. The Bold Print / Pattern

My dad has this ~incredible~ plaid blazer he wears to fancy events. I used to think it was dated, but now I want a pair of pants in that exact fabric. Everything old is new again, amiright? Really embrace your non-jean choice by going for a bold pattern or fabric — it’s a statement that will give your wardrobe a fresh twist.






7. The Classic Legging

Source: Extra Petite

Ah, the skinny black legging. The most versatile of all bottoms (besides jeans, of course). They can truly be paired with anything and feel like submerging your legs in clouds. The ultimate win.






What outfits are you wearing without jeans this fall? Tell us in the comments below! 

  • I very rarely ever wear jeans. But I have so many pairs of black and textured leggings, printed trousers, and slim black pants – I guess when you can’t wear jeans to work you improvise with other stuff and it slowly works it’s way into your regular wardrobe. 🙂

  • I can’t believe it’s already almost fall!! At least fall fashion is awesome! -Stephanie

  • Happy to see that I have some of these pants already in my closet but need to get a pair of the “cigarette” pant


  • Ellese Launer

    Loving all five pant ideas!! I am a total pants girl and need new ideas other than skinny jeans. These are perfect! I just bough a jumpsuit today and can’t wait to wear it this fall. Xo, Ellese