6 Plus-Size Pieces I’m Buying for Fall

As much as we get excited for summertime, there’s nothing quite like the first moment you realize fall is on its way. Whether it’s passing a store filled with sweaters and boots, hearing someone talk about Hocus Pocus for the first time in nearly 10 months, or having to decide which jacket you’ll wear today because it’s cold in the morning, the first sight of fall is truly magical. 

Since the beginning of August, our team can’t stop talking about fall, especially fall fashion. It’s undoubtedly the best season to dress — I mean, if all else fails, you just pop a sweater over some jeans and a cute fall ankle boot, and you look amazing. My closet is looking barren right now as we transition between the seasons, but I have my eye on a few pieces to get me through the end of summer until the temperatures actually crack 55 (omg I can’t wait). Here is everything I’m picking up (and your closets would love too!): 


1. Leather Jacket

The Everygirl team has a love affair with the leather jacket. Almost everyone on our team has one, and it’s the nicest layering piece for a cozy work outfit and a sweater, happy hours with jeans, on top of a jumpsuit for dinner — the list goes on. I’ve been looking for the perfect plus-size option to add to my closet without totally breaking the bank. These are the ones I’m looking to:


2. Plaid Pieces

There’s never a fall/winter that plaid isn’t on our minds. This is the trend that comes and goes every year, so it’s basically a quintessential piece to add to your wardrobe. While the weather is still hot, I’m loving pairing skirts in fall-specific prints with a basic T-shirt and a jacket. You stay cool while looking like you hopped out of a Fall 2019 catalog. You also can’t go wrong with a plaid blazer to spice up your usual jeans and T-shirt combo. Bonus points for tweed plaid — two trends in one! 


3. Flare Jeans

Source: @gabbywhiten

If you’re boycotting the typical skinny jean like the rest of us, the flare jean is basically everything we’ve been working up to. You can choose a cropped kick flare that just lightly flares at the ankle, or go full ‘70s with a bell-bottom jean. These pair well with all those graphic T-shirts you bought this summer, and I also love them with a turtleneck and boots once the weather cools down.


4. Cozy Cardigans

Grandma chic is everything this season, and one of the best ways to embody the trend is a classic chunky, knit cardigan. You can wear it as a third layer with basically everything in your closet, or button it up, do a French tuck, and pair it with your favorite denim. You can also take it off if (and when) you get too hot!


Bobble Cardigan Sweater

3 colors available


Josie Cardigan

4 colors available


5. A Go-To Midi Dress

Source: Alex LaRosa

Having a go-to one-and-done item in your closet during the transition months is necessary. For the days when you have no idea how to dress for the weather or when your closet just seems to have nothing in it, an easy dress you can pair with your fall boots (I know boots and dresses is a controversial trend, but I’m so here for it) or the sandals you’ve worn all summer. 


6. Fall Hues

Source: @ceceolisa

The easiest way to make it feel like fall when you’re sweating your a*s off is simply adding fall’s hottest (no pun intended but seriously impressed with myself here) shades to your wardrobe. This year, we’re seeing shades of green (pistachio/sage and olive being at the top!), mustard (think butterscotch and marigold instead of Gen-Z) yellows, oranges (neons aren’t leaving just yet!), and bright pinks of different undertones. 


What are you excited to wear this season?! What trend are you interested in trying? Let us know in the comments!