6 Reasons Why ‘Big Little Lies’ Will Be the Most Talked-About Show of the Spring

  • Copy by: Abigail Yonker
  • Feature Image By: IMDb

We’ve just about finished freaking out with excitement over the new Stranger Things trailer, and we know we need to rein in our crushes on This Is Us’s Milo Ventimiglia. Sounds to me like it’s about damn time we found ourselves a new TV obsession, and I can’t think of a better contender than HBO’s Big Little Lies.

Based on the incredible novel of the same name by the incomparable Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies tells the intersecting stories of a variety of families living in coastal Monterey. The lives of the mothers, children, spouses, and friends who inhabit the gorgeous beach town are nothing short of fascinating, especially after one of their own is murdered at a school function.

So if you didn’t tune in last night, or if you’re just not sure if BLL is the show for you, allow me to give you a few reasons why you’re going to want to tune in to this addicting new show—if only to be able to talk about it at your next elementary school fundraiser night.

1. Somebody’s dead… And we need to know more.

Source: Tom + Lorenzo

It is revealed in the first episode (aptly titled “Somebody’s Dead”) that there has been a grisly murder, but viewers have no clue yet which character is the victim. The show then goes back and forth between the time before and after the murder, providing background and clues so that viewers can attempt to solve the mystery themselves.The show gives off the vibes I would expect if Desperate HousewivesThe O.C., and NCIS all had a love child, and it’s going to be iconic.

2. The blend of genres makes it everyone’s cup of tea.

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BLL blends your guiltiest pleasure, the romantic comedy, with the binge-worthy suspense we see in crime shows. In the first episode, we’re treated to both the intimacy of marriage and love AND the graphic details of a dead body. Grab your husband, your brother, and your besties — this show’s got something for everyone.

3. The star-studded cast features a TON of our favorite leading ladies.

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With a starring lineup including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoë Kravitz, you’re bound to recognize at least one familiar actress. Not only does BLL show off their individually unique talents, but the impressive squad is a strong contender for Best Ensemble Cast at next year’s Golden Globes.

4. It not only touches on but tackles the biggest of issues.

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BLL dives right into real-world issues affecting much of modern America: mental health, single parenting, interracial marriages, co-parenting, aging, and, most of all, domestic violence and abuse. BLL provides a realistic view into the secret struggles of our peers, and it teaches us how to deal with (and even fight against) these struggles in the real world.

5. There’s a ton of detail – but we’re still in constant suspense.

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Similar to the likes of crowd favorites such as American Crime Story, True Detective, and Fargo, Big Little Lies contains only a limited number of episodes as a “limited series.” Just as FX’s adaptation of the People v. OJ Simpson trial had an obvious limitation to one season, Big Little Lies will conclude as the book does, after only one season. This layout allows for the rounded plot of a movie without sacrificing detail and content for the sake of time. Expect to see much more of this concept in the near future of television.

6. It’s unlike anything else on television.

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Author Liane Moriarty created a brilliantly unique world within the mundane minutiae of everyday suburban life, and her stories beg to be told on the screen. Her writing style translates well to television, and her characters are so vivid and rich that I simply can’t imagine a time when they weren’t physically personified on the screen. It’s amazing to see such a deserving writer honored with the continuation of her work.

Ready to get started? Watch Big Little Lies on HBO every Sunday this spring at 9pm CT. Not an HBO subscriber? Watch the first episode free on HBO.com, then grab a free first week of HBO on Amazon!

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