6 Tips to Organizing Your Beauty Products

  • Copy by: Maritza Buelvas

Scouring the world for beauty can be fun, yet daunting–especially when sifting through your beauty arsenal on a chaotic Monday morning searching for the exact right shade of “I got this” pink lip stain. And we believe that time spent becoming beautified will be less hectic if all your lipsticks are in a row, so to speak. Try any of these six creative (and dare we say pretty!) ways to organize your beauty cabinet, or wherever you primp and pose. You’ll find yourself with a few extra minutes to spare and that certainly makes life more beautiful!


Cosmetics used regularly should be kept where they are easily visible and accessible. Consider a vanity tray to hold everyday beauty items. There are many pretty options to choose from, like this one from West Elm or any of these white table top varieties. Keep less used items in drawers or cabinets. It’s fun to design your everyday beauty station in a way that’s both pleasing and practical!

image via Devon Rachel


Disorganization makes us all frazzled. To combat this, cluster products together in distinct beauty categories such as: shadows, blushes, lipsticks. This technique will help determine what to purge, what to buy, and what to stop buying altogether (such as too many glosses in the same color palette). Acrylic and foam containers can be used to create all kinds of attractive dividers inside drawers or on counters. Beautiful modular systems and vertical storage units can also be used to combine both design and function. Try these personal favorites from The Container Store and Ikea. And for the serious glam girl, consider this beauty organizer investment, made popular by reality TV and beauty bloggers alike.

images via (left) Ikea Pinterest | (right) Pinterest


If space allows, create a personalized beauty station with a table or side chair and personalize it with a framed quote. Arrange beauty products to greet you in glass trays and clever little boxes. 

image via Beauty For Bloggers Studio by Cassandra Eldridge


Stash products that aren’t used regularly in creative wall nooks or makeup bags. Consider storing them by product or style (party makeup, makeup brushes, lip stains). These products will remain out of sight, yet top of mind.

images via (left) Pinterest | (right) Pinterest


Utilize everyday objects found in your home (or inexpensive finds from stores like West Elm and HomeGoods) for unique organization that’s both affordable and inspiring. Try latte bowls (like these from Anthropologie–often on sale), stackable containers, and tiered trays.

images via Anthropologie (also used as featured image) | Live Simply By Annie Pinterest


Turn investment pieces into works of art. Repurpose pretty candle jars, bubble bath glasses, and luxury perfume bottles into brush holders, lipstick containers, and miniature flower vases. Home beauty tip: Remove the spray nozzle from your favorite fragrance bottle and stick a stem rose in the remaining gap for room scent and decor.

image via Beauty For Bloggers Studio by Cassandra Eldridge

  • I currently throw everything into a bag that is way to big and I’m always rummaging for products in the morning! I need to implement some of these tips + tricks, stat!

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    • beauty for bloggers

      great! lmk how it goes 🙂

  • Great tips. I currently use an acrylic tray, which works for now. And will until I purchase more makeup 🙂

  • Love these tips! I just reorganized all of my makeup and looks like I followed most of these tips!

    xo Nicole
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    • beauty for bloggers

      thank you, nicole! enjoy getting beautified this fall!

  • Love these ideas, definitely going to implement them !

  • This definitely inspires me to get a pretty tray set up on my vanity. Every girl needs one! And I love the idea of repurposing an old perfume bottle as a bud vase. Beautiful!

  • Anna

    I love that wall organizer but I wish it wasn’t so expensive! Here’s the link for you rich girls though: http://www.dwr.com/product/uten-silo.do?sortby=ourPicks 🙂

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    Thanks for the tips. I will share them on my blog!

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    Pinning this as I get ready to design my vanity this winter! LOVE the trays!

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  • Great tips — especially love the point on using what we already have! Sometimes, it’s best to go shopping in your cabinets. 😉


  • sramassyla

    I’m can’t wait until I’m out of college and in a permanent(ish) place of my own so I can do something with my makeup. For now, I keep it minimal and stashed in a Target makeup bag, which is not nearly as pretty or fun.