The 7 Most-Anticipated Movie and TV Premieres of the Summer

While many of the best parts of the summer are all about embracing the great outdoors, one of my favorite parts of this season is the variety of exciting new shows and movies. Summer series releases, Hollywood blockbusters, and anticipated adaptations alike run rampant throughout the hottest months, and I’m happy to step inside the air conditioning to watch. Here, we’ve rounded up the summer’s most highly anticipated premieres — so grab some popcorn and settle in.


1. GLOW (June 23)

What It Is: Comedy series; Season 1

Where to Watch: Netflix

Alison Brie stars in this 1980s comedy about a wannabe actress who pursues a new line of work: professional wrestling. This girl-power-promoting soon-to-be-favorite will probably make us both laugh and cry  — and we are pumped for all of it.


2. Famously Single (July 9)


What It Is: Reality series; Season 2

Where to Watch: E!

Prepare yourself for some guilty-pleasure drama when Famously Single returns for a brand new season. The dating-centric reality show brings together a mix of your favorite (well, maybe) celebrities, all of whom are — you guessed it — famously single. They’ll all chat with a professional relationship therapist, then subsequently date and break up with each other. I’m most excited to watch Bachelor alumnus Chad Johnson — the villain I just love to hate.


3. Friends From College (July 14)

What It Is: Comedy series; Season 1

Where to Watch: Netflix

Robin Scherbatsky (shoot, I mean Cobie Smulders) stars as one of six 40-something friends reuniting several years after their glory days at Harvard. The six friends are now navigating careers, marriage, and midlife crises — all with hilarious twists. The star-studded cast is sure to provide some major laughs while also discussing some very real adult issues.


4. Game of Thrones (July 16)

What It Is: Drama/Action series; Season 7

Where to Watch: HBO

Return to Westeros for the final season of everyone’s favorite fantasy thriller. Expect some ass-kicking, shock-inducing, bad-guy-fighting for-mature-audiences-only excitement. (That was one hyphen per season of this audience favorite — see what I did there?)


5. Girls Trip (July 21)

What It Is: Comedy Movie

Where to Watch: Theaters

Four college besties reunite for a weekend of raunchy hilarity in this summer comedy. If the trailer is any indication, we’ll want to see this one with our girl gang (and we’ll probably be leaving our hubbies at home).


6. Dunkirk (July 21)

What It Is: Thriller Movie

Where to Watch: Theaters

Based on the true story of a seemingly impossible escape from the beaches of Dunkirk during World War II, this one’s going to keep you on the edge of your seat. Weirdly enough, this movie is directed by Christopher Nolan, scored by Hans Zimmer, and stars Harry Styles. Dream team? I think so. Hint: Buy your dad a gift card to a movie theater for Father’s Day, then redeem it next month on a trip to the theater together to see this. Dads are going to be ALL over this movie (Mine already can’t stop talking about it!).


7. The Glass Castle (August 11)

What It Is: Drama Movie

Where to Watch: Theaters

Best Actress Academy Award Winner Brie Larson returns to the big screen in this film adaptation of the award-winning memoir of the same name. The powerful book tells the tale of a woman who ran from her dysfunctional parents to build a more traditional life than the one they provided for her, and now must deal with the repercussions of her choices and decisions. This movie stars literally all of my favorite people — from Larson and Naomi Watts to Woody Harrelson and Max Greenfield (We built this Schmidty!).


What movies and shows are you most excited to watch this summer? Let us know in the comments!