7 Awesome Independent Brands You Need to Know

There’s that wonderful feeling we all get when we discover something new: a new restaurant, an up-and-coming musician, or maybe the next big workout trend. For me, it’s unearthing a new and emerging fashion designer. And while we all have our go-to brands that seem to just work for us, there are so many incredible independent brands out there that I absolutely love. In fact, some of the independent label clothing pieces I have collected over the years are some of the most special in my wardrobe.

I encourage you to visit online sites like Runway2Street, Of a Kind, and Acrimony; these are great resources for following and purchasing from independent and emerging labels around the world.

Now, check out seven of my favorite independent labels you need to know:

1. Elizabeth Suzann

This Nashville-based label creates quality pieces using natural fibers. The entire collection is impeccably tailored, thoughtful, and offers an understated approach to style and fashion. Honestly, every single piece in this line is just stunning.

2. Knotty Gal

Not only is this knotted handmade jewelry unique and beautiful, but the mother daughter duo behind the label donates a portion of each purchase to help raise funds for the Bhandari Girls School in Bogra, Bangladesh. Knotty and nice? I’ll take it.

3. Staud Clothing

Based in LA, STAUD is a label that lets you have that custom-made experience for a fraction of what custom typically costs. Custom and affordable? Yes, please.

4. Linelle Ellis

A classic design process paired with an incredible attention to pretty little details makes this label one of my favorites. Case in point, this leather backpack is perfection.

5. Zulu and Zephyr

An Australian label known for their swimsuits, this ultra cool line mixes patterns and prints to create really special pieces.

6. Layered and Long

I love how delicate and feminine each and every piece is in this gorgeous line. Each of the chains is customizable, so you can tailor chain length and pendants to your exact liking.

7. Edit

This label is not for the faint of heart. Originating from Hong Kong, the brand aims to combine “one part eclectic femininity and one part relaxed ease,” which means oversized dresses, bold colors, and unique silhouettes are all fair game.


What are your favorite independent fashion brands? Share them with us in the comments below.