7 Couples Share Their Favorite Weeknight Date Ideas

Between work, working out, working that side hustle, spending time with friends, digging into hobbies (and, oh yeah, breathing), finding the time to spend with your significant other can fall by the wayside. But, going on dates to spend time on just the two of you is crucial to making your relationship last — and, hey, don’t you just love spending time with them?!

We asked real-life couples to tell us about how they carve out time for each other in the middle of the week — sometimes, that’s just when you need some quality time — and their summertime favorite dates to go on.


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“Staying in and cooking a good meal with my boyfriend is my favorite weeknight date! Since we’re so busy, we love using Blue Apron — no shopping or prep, and the meals are delish! Following up a great dinner with Ben and Jerry’s and a Netflix original? The dream.”

Sometimes, staying in with your partner is just what you need. If you two are busy bees and find shopping or cooking adds stress, then a meal delivery service like Blue Apron is perfect for you. You and your partner get all the sexy fun of cooking together and reconnecting without any of the time-consuming prep. Head to the Blue Apron website to get cooking.

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“My partner and I LOVE going to baseball games on the weeknights! We have different team preferences, which makes for some fun competition, and the sunshine at the ballpark is exactly what we need to get away from the week’s daily stresses.”

Hitting up a local sports game provides lots of time for conversation and, of course, some good ‘ole banter. Not near a major city? Check to see if your area has a minor league team or even a local tournament going on where you can cheer on your friends or participate yourself! Bring a blanket, a ball cap, and a beer koozie and you’ve got a home run of a weeknight date.


“We live in Florida and thankfully close to the beach. For an easy weeknight date night my husband and I head to the beach to just walk in the sand and as it gets darker and darker the more you feel like you’re on vacation. There’s nothing like a moonlight stroll with the waves crashing in.”

If you can make it to the water, fantastic! Lots of cities and towns with bodies of water or even rivers have boardwalks and river walks with lots to see and make for a sweet evening stroll. Getting out in nature is always a good way to reconnect with each other and with the real, non-electronic world; see if there are walking paths through forests or parks that are local to you.


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“My fiance and I will go to our favorite taqueria, pick up burritos, and drive to the nearby rose garden in San Jose (one of the best rose gardens!), and have a picnic. After eating we walk around the garden before heading home. It’s such a nice way to bring a free summer feeling to a weeknight.”

Eating out doesn’t mean sitting in an air-conditioned restaurant, and going on a picnic doesn’t mean you have to prepare all the food at home! Get the best of both worlds by hitting up your favorite dine-out joint in town, whether that’s a taco truck, pizzeria, or Chinese takeout. Go to your local park or drive a few towns over to get that adventurous feeling out of your date — more time for chatting, too!


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“In the summer and fall, we load up the dogs and drive to a little town about 30 minutes away and watch a double feature at a drive-in movie. It is so fun, and added bonus that the dogs get to come along!”

Drive-in movies are, unfortunately, becoming fewer and farther between— but if you can load up your car with lawn chairs, blankets, all the candy, and your S.O. and find one, then you’re really in for a treat. Fortunately, lots of towns or community centers have movies in the park that can be just as fun! Check out your town’s website for opportunities. Look up some homemade French fry or burger recipes to really get that summertime movie feeling.


“My boyfriend and I enjoy outdoor music at least once a week in the summer months. It’s fun & easy! The movie theater in our town has “Super Tuesday” with current movies at a special rate! We also go to weeknight art gallery receptions. The galleries in town usually hold openings on Thursday evenings. We are also blessed with an amazing library which hosts fantastic events perfect for a weeknight date night.”

Your town or city’s website is going to be your best friend this summer! Lots of towns have live music from your local high school jazz band to your neighbor Jim’s alternative rock cover band. The warm summer nights on a blanket with your partner are made perfect by the live background music.

Lots of movie theaters — even large chains like AMC — do a reduced-price night in the middle of the week so you can see the summer’s biggest blockbusters with your partner for half the price.

Is there an art gallery or small museum nearby? Visiting small corners of your city’s history and artistic side can be so fun without breaking the bank or taking time that you don’t have to spend. A quick Google or Yelp search will let you know where in your area you can find quirky spots (like the toy train museum — true story).


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“My boyfriend and I went to mini-golf on a Thursday evening then to Tastee Freez, and it  was one of the best dates I’ve ever been on!”

What’s a little competition to spice up your dating life in the middle of the week? A low-key and find-one-anywhere activity like put-put, bowling, or rollerskating rink will take you totally out of your work ruts. Loser buys the Dairy Queen/Tastee Freez/Wendy’s Frostees— everyone wins!



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