7 Easy (and Stylish) Outfits to Wear to Thanksgiving

Sure, your focus on Thanksgiving should always be on the things that are really important (like giving thanks, or, you know, taking pictures of your cousin’s cute baby). But sometimes finding the right Thanksgiving outfit is almost as hard as the cooking (well — almost).

What you wear on arguably the best holiday of the year (besides Christmas — that’s a given) is crucially important. It has to be comfortable (and loose) enough to allow you extra give to indulge in as much pumpkin pie and stuffing as your stomach can handle (a belt or a tight waist line should not get in the way of your full turkey potential!), but chic enough to impress all your older cousins and aunts who will surely believe that your life is totally together (more than it actually is), purely based off of your incredibly cute outfit. To impress your cool cousins, picky grandma, and severe post-meal stomach bloat, copy one of these go-to outfit formulas, below:


1. Plaid Blazer + White Tee + High Waisted Jeans

Source: The August Diaries

One of our favorite staples of the season also works as the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving outfit. Make it more family-gathering than work-meeting with a plain white tee and high waisted jeans (double points for a flared hem for a stylish detail). Throw on your favorite chunky heel booties for the perfect fall outfit.


2. White Skinnies + White Sweater + Booties

Source: Lindsay Marcella

Pull your white skinny jeans out of storage because, yes, white not only works after labor day, but it looks incredibly cool as a monochrome look from head to toe. It works perfectly for Turkey Day with a creamy white sweater (extra cozy for even the coldest November days), and brown booties.


3. Sweater Dress + Over the Knee Boots

Source: Gabi Fresh

This simple outfit formula will keep you warm and stylish from the Macy’s parade in the morning to the post-meal nap. The best part: no pants means no uncomfortable waistline that magically gets way too small by the end of the evening. Indulge all you want and look good doing it!


4. Sweater Coat + Long Sleeve Tee + Jeans + Loafers

Source: Styled Snapshots

Sweater coats are warm, trendy, and appropriate for indoors or out (it’s like a sweater and a coat together — what’s not to love!?). Make it a stress-free formula with an easy long-sleeve tee, your comfiest jeans, and a smart pair of loafers.


5. Midi Skirt + Sweater + Chunky Heels

Source: Who What Wear

A midi skirt is one of our very favorite pieces for our fall and winter wardrobe. When the occasion calls for a flirty skirt or classy ensemble, the only option is a nice warm midi (any shorter hem just won’t do when the temperature’s below 60!). Make it extra warm with a cozy knit and wear a pair of chunky heels or booties to make your outfit look Thanksgiving-chic.


6. Statement Booties + All Black + Blazer

Source: We Wore What

When in doubt, throw on a pair of statement booties, a pair of black jeans, and sweater, and top with a favorite blazer or jacket. You’ll look so fabulous that no one would even guess how easy it was to throw together (even that judge-y great aunt). You’ll be comfortable all day, and you won’t have to think twice about what you’re wearing, (aka more time for looking for your favorite float in the parade, or helping your grandma cook the Turkey).


7. Tights + Shift Dress + Chunky Heels

Source: Style Bistro

Blair Waldorf approved Thanksgiving ensemble? A classic shift dress (with long sleeves and a short hemline, of course), black tights, and a great pair of black heels to streamline the look. The outfit is appropriate enough to please your grandma, but your legs will look miles long (“why yes, Aunt Susan, I did grow taller”), and you’ll look so fancy and stylish, Blair Waldorf herself would approve. It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!



Which of these outfits would you wear to your Thanksgiving dinner?