7 Friends to Make Before You’re 30

The one constant factor in our lives is that it’s always changing. Whether it’s the new career path you’re pursuing or the new relationship you’re involved in, the reality that our lives continue to transform is one that reminds us to enjoy the moments we’re in and remember them once they’re gone.

With these changes come the different people we meet along the way. You see, the beauty of relationships is that they’re not always supposed to last — we keep people in our lives who inspire us, and we learn from the ones who run their course.

Regardless of what the outcome is, these people influence your decisions, shape your character, and make your life experiences even more worthwhile. Read further to discover the seven friends to make before you’re 30.


1. The social butterfly

You know what friend we’re talking about — not because this person is your friend but because literally everyone else knows them as well. While you’re hovering over the snack table at a party, this person is bonding with whoever seems to be coming through the door. It doesn’t actually matter where you are or how social you feel, because he or she will know everyone’s name and Twitter handle by the end of the night for the both of you.

This person tends to be the bridge that brings random groups of people together and the hero of any awkward silences that happen after. He or she is so charming that you probably don’t even question their ability to make connections (or the fact that they enjoy it).


The lesson you learn from this friendship


We’re always told that who you know is just as important as what you know — and the social butterfly proves this theory. Through your friendship with this person, you’ve most likely received benefits (free drinks, a job interview with a company, etc.). The social butterfly loves investing in people, and in return, these people love offering their forms of appreciation.



2. The older friend

No worries if you and your friends are running late to dinner, this friend has already called the restaurant to push back the reservation and located everyone’s whereabouts through the group chat. As lovable as this individual is responsible, the older friend of the group is literally a walking reminder of your own mom (so really your favorite person in the world).

Blame it on her extra years of wisdom, but this friend is like a greater form of human — she has everything you need to survive in her purse, she wakes up at the crack of dawn to run (before work), and can go from laying in bed to picking you up from downtown within 10 minutes. You probably wouldn’t know what to do without her — which makes sense because she’s always giving you advice anyway.


The lesson you learn from this friendship


Whoever said you couldn’t responsibly have fun has never had an older friend. This friendship is one that will remind you the benefits of taking control of your life and will inspire you to want to. Whether he or she is giving you advice on saving money or buying the car you wish to have, the older friend shows you what you have and what you have to look forward to.



3. The complete opposite

You probably have no clue how the two of you are friends (but would never truly question it). This person is different from you in every way — from their opinion on politics to their favorite movie category, the only thing you both agree on is that you don’t.

There’s something special about being able to get along with someone you can’t relate to. Maybe it’s the way you have to compromise or the way you have to keep an open mind — regardless, you can’t help but be intrigued by this friend and respect the differences that make you two unique.


The lesson you learn from this friendship


We’re individuals for the reason that none of us are the exact same. This friendship will challenge your beliefs, expose you to new ideas, and most importantly — help you appreciate those different than you.


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4. The professional

This friend is the definition of someone who knows how to put in work — and can do it well. He or she works for a Fortune 500 company, has a successful side hustle, and can still make it out to your birthday celebration at the end of the night.

Sure, he or she has the same amount of hours in the day as everyone else, but for some reason their list of accomplishments seems to be so much longer. Through their motivation to better themselves and their refusal to give up on it, they’re the perfect case of how to succeed while still maintaining relationships.


The lesson you learn from this friendship


You’re not here to settle, and the professional friend is the example that it’s possible not to. We become similar to those we surround ourselves with, and the influence of this friend is one that will make you the more ambitious version of yourself.



5. The guy friend

Your parents love him, your brother wants to watch football with him, and your girlfriends wish they could go on a date with him. Although the experiences with your exes may have left you bitter, this friend is your reason to believe that there are still good guys in the world — and that you’ll one day meet someone similar to him.

Whether he’s giving you dating advice (that you need to hear) or a new perspective in life (that you truly had no idea existed), the guy friend finds time to challenge you as a person and protect you as a brother.


The lesson you learn from this friendship


Aside from learning the importance of getting your car oil changed, the unique dynamic of this friendship is one that will teach you traits of the opposite gender — and how to react to them. He not only treats you the way any man should treat a woman, but also shows you why you shouldn’t have to deal with anyone who does otherwise.


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6. The one who pushes you out of your comfort zone

Similar to the social butterfly, this friend not only wants to be where the people are, but also where the party is. He or she will probably be the influence for some of your more questionable decisions (and the reason you don’t make them again).

Although going out on weekdays and staying at the bar all night is considered a phase for some people, this tends to be a personality trait for this friend. This particular friend is living in the moment and will handle whatever consequences come with it later (but after going to brunch).


The lesson you learn from this friendship


Life is meant to be enjoyed, and this friend won’t let you forget it. Whether your time spent with this person has you feeling alive or wondering how they talked you into something so crazy (or both), you’ll look back and love every second of it.



7. The one you part with by the time you’re 30 (and that’s okay)

It’s not a shocking statement to say your 20s are full of some of the greatest moments, transitions, and epiphanies you’ll have in your lifetime. And those years wouldn’t be as iconic without this friend — the one who ate frozen pizza with you during your worst days and drank wine with you during your best. The only catch? She won’t be around for the decades after.

From your big move across the country to her new marriage and job promotion, there are numerous reasons for why this friendship faded out — and no solution for how to make it hurt any less.


The lesson you learn from this friendship


At some point, this friend was one who witnessed your most monumental moments and lived through them with you. Although there’s difficulty in letting go, there’s strength in accepting when things are done. The parting of this friend will not only remind you how to love people when you have them, but also to still appreciate their memory when your time together comes to an end.



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This article was originally published on October 4, 2017.