7 of the Best and Craziest Moments from the Bachelorette Premiere


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! And by that, of course, I mean that it’s time for a brand new season of The Bachelorette, America’s favorite reality television dating show. This year’s leading lady is adorable Dallas-based Rachel Lindsay, a whip-smart lawyer who is as friendly and charming as she is beautiful. True to Bachelor form, though, last night’s season premiere was nothing short of outrageous. Here, I break down my favorite moments from the 2-hour show – the funny, the sexy, and the downright cringe-worthy.


1. Rachel’s intro video (Can I please be her best friend?)

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 Not only is Rachel SO beautiful, but (more importantly) she is also a DELIGHT to watch. Her video was less “look at me frolicking about in my bathing suit” and more “look at me being goofy and REAL,” and I was all over it. The clip made me want to be her best friend, and I’m so excited to watch her love story unfold.


2. The AMAZING #squadgoals segment

The wine-fueled gathering really made me miss my old favorite frontrunner Kristina, but it also reminded me of how great last season’s girl-power camaraderie was. Instead of the typical “here’s some advice from former Bachelor/ettes,” they opted this season for a sit-down chat with Rachel’s besties from her time as a contestant. All my favorites from last season were there (#TeamCorn), and it made me a little nostalgic and a lot excited for Bachelor in Paradise this summer.


3. The all-time high creep factor

Both the Whaboom guy and the Tickle Monster guy made me momentarily question if perhaps The Bachelor has gone too far. Honestly, every single season of this show makes me think that there can’t possibly be any crazier people out there – but then I am proven wrong. These guys weren’t even funny. They were creepy.


4. When Bryan kissed Rachel (twice!)

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It was some Jess-and-Nick-in-the-hallway type stuff – and I was INTO IT. Mid-conversation, chiropractor Bryan went in for the kill and planted one steamy smooch on our girl Rach, and it was SPICY. Then, after receiving the infamous First Impression Rose, he went in for Makeout Round Two. Save some chemistry for the lab, guys!


5. When the guys discussed that it’s the most diverse cast of all time

…and I honestly teared up. Not only is this the first season to feature an African-American lead (it’s about damn time), but it’s also the first season to feature such a diverse cast as well. It’s a major step in the right direction for ABC, but only time will tell if they can keep up the good work.


6. When Peter from Wisconsin impressed even the COSMOS IN THE SKY

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Damnit – if she doesn’t pick him, I will. Peter was first out of the limo and first in my heart. The gap-toothed “business owner” is already my favorite (and Jimmy Kimmel’s!), and they had an adorable moment featuring some unwanted chocolate, some witty banter, and a shooting star.


7. That highlight reel of all the drama to come

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It’s gonna be one HELL of a season, so stay tuned, Bachelor Nation. Now check out Jimmy Kimmel’s predictions for the final three, and see if you agree!



Who do you think is going to win this season of The Bachelorette? Let us know in the comments!