7 Surprising Ways to Score on Etsy

  • Copy by: Jess Keys

Shopping on Etsy is kind of like that feeling you get when you walk into Forever21 on a Saturday. So much to look at, weed through, it’s enough to rapidly increase anyone’s heart rate, and overwhelming to say the least.

So how do you find all those incredible gems on Etsy? The fabulous homemade gifts, handmade leather bags, swoon-worthy stationery, vintage barware, and of course, calligraphy so perfect you question how it could possibly be somebody’s handwriting?

With these simple tricks, you’ll have the best Etsy shops at your fingertips in seconds.


The Etsy blog is a great place to start. Clicking on the “featured shops” tab will point you to profiles of new and noteworthy shops with unique finds. Score amazing items with the “editor’s picks” tab (if anyone know’s what they’re doing, it’s the Etsy editors, right?) Finally, the “tastemakers” tab will point you to great gift and shopping guides by Etsy’s guest curators like designers, artists, and brands.


If you’re a Google fanatic, just add “Etsy” after any key phrase in a Google search, which you can browse right from Google’s shopping tab, no click through necessary. (Genius!)


When you find a shop you like, “favorite” it. Then, a selection of items from your favorite stores will refresh on your homepage each time you sign in.


Speaking of favorites, take it one step further and click “See who favorites this” under “Actions” on the left hand side of a shop’s profile. You’ll see the Etsy members who have liked that same store or item, as well as the other items they’ve favorited too. Chances are you’ll share the similar taste, and you’ll also like the other items they’ve favorited! (Similar to following someone’s Pinterest board, but sneakier and way more satisfying, yes?)


Use the – sign to eliminate keywords you don’t want in a search. For example, if you’re searching for a leather bag, but don’t want to weed through a bunch of vintage purses, type in “leather bag -vintage” and only new bags will be shown.


The “more ways to shop” section on the bottom right of the homepage has some extra-savvy tricks:

  • If you’re a shipping stickler, click “shop local” to narrow the location in your search down to your specific state or city, which cuts down majorly on shipping costs. (Often you can even arrange to pick it up yourself!)
  • Search “treasury” on bottom right hand side of the homepage to see a selection of items curated by fellow Etsy members. Again, kind of like Pinterest boards, but for Etsy shops!
  • Click “shop in person” to see any local events in your area where Etsy sellers may be selling their items! (Also great way to discover new markets, activities, and fun places to check out on the weekends!)


Navigate to Etsy.com/pages, which allow you to follow your favorite brands’ Etsy boards. Again, very similar to Pinterest (are you sensing a pattern here?) but exclusively with Etsy items!


What great items have you found on Etsy lately?

  • Lisa

    I LOVE Etsy and have been hoping someone could help narrow it down. Thanks so much for the great tips!

    • Thank you, Lisa!

  • Very helpful tips! Thanks!

    • So glad you though so, Katie!

  • I never thought about looking at who favorites the shop. Very handy!

    • Right!? Such a sneaky little trick 😉 Thanks, Marisa!

  • beelinestudio

    as an Etsy art dealer I totally appreciate this viewpoint. AND I use some of the suggested ways too! I actually love to troll through the pages of Etsy and find so many good finds and really amazing talent. I have over 200,000 followers so I think some shoppers agree! 😉

    • Awesome! I’m heading to check out your shop now! 🙂

  • Fabulous post Jess – I’m an Etsy seller and I even learned stuff from this! Bravo!

    • Thanks lady! 🙂

  • Great List Jess, I ll be sharing it with my subscribers 🙂 – Natwar

    • Awesome! Thank you so much, Natwar! I’m so glad you found it helpful.

  • Absolute favorite new find on etsy: Chanel usb


    • Ah! Love it! Cutest flash drive ever award!

  • Mary Grace Joseph

    I’m an Etsy seller also and had no idea about all of these things! So helpful! Just last night I searched for a makeup bag for far too long. 🙂

    • So glad to hear that, Mary! What’s your Etsy shop? We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a cute makeup bag for you 😉

      • Mary Grace Joseph

        Aww thank you!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/marygracepaperie

      • Mary Grace Joseph

        Thanks Jess! 🙂 it’s http://www.etsy.com/shop/marygracepaperie

  • Mary Fitzgerald

    From an Etsy shop owner’s perspective, this was definitely a good read! Thanks!


  • Emily

    Great tips!! Thanks for sharing!!! Etsy seller here, too ( still a newbie though) and have been working on new branding ideas, etc.. I’m excited to check out the favorites idea you shared! That should be really beneficial to finding our “target audience” 😉

  • hschlotterbeck

    When I’m looking through my favorites (I usually search by my favorite items categories rather than shops), I like to view the shop owner’s favorites as well. Often times I find new items/shops that way.

  • Christine Errington

    This is on point! I’ve been doing the favorites of my favorites thing for a while now – I buy everything on etsy! Sometimes it takes a while but I always find the exact perfect thing made by the exact perfect person. I hope that people feel that way when they find my shop!

  • steph

    Thanks for such an awesome article!!!! I’m an Etsy seller and Iove your tips. Etsy is such a wonderful place to find the perfect gift or treat yourself.

  • Stilldez

    Hiya Jess! I absolutely appreciate these pointers as a buyer as well as an Etsy stationery/fine art photography print shop seller. (Stilldez)

    I always wondered what the most effective way to discover unique finds! You’ve answered my curiosity! TY!!

  • Lisa James Lyons

    My sister and I own a shop on etsy as well and even WE get overwhelmed looking for things! Great tips to narrow it down! http://www.pickfair.etsy.com

  • Kristie S.

    Such awesome tips! Etsy can be pretty overwhelming at times and these tips are perfect to help narrow things down 🙂


  • As a new etsy shop owner of a gold foil print company (crystal Jeanne paper co), I find it difficult to make my shop stand out among the rest. But I love a challenge and love them my thoughts and ideas bring more orders to the shop! Blogs like this one help me see what people are looking for when they go to ETSY!

  • Ah – this article is so helpful, thank you! I’ve never thought of #2 or #5 before!

    Etsy is my first stop to find handmade/eco-friendly versions of beautiful items like jewelry and home goods. I’d prefer to support a local maker rather than a huge company that makes its products with less-than-stellar manufacturing.


  • Great tips Jess! Another tip that I like to use is filtering on the bottom left so that “ships from” only has my city to shop local sellers where I can pick up my order to save on shipping!

    As an Etsy seller, it’s so great there are multiple ways that potential customers can reach my jewelry 🙂

  • Auja

    Nice! Super helpful! I get distracted by the multitude of products offered, so it’s nice to have different avenues rather than just tackle the front page.


  • great tips, excited to try them out!

  • Thanks so much for sharing!! As an Etsy seller, I LOVE seeing articles like this … It can get pretty overwhelming at times with so many items!


  • monicawelburn

    I totally want to be an ‘Easy girl’ but I’ve always found it too overwhelming! Thank you so much for these tips – I am going to implement them stat! And get my Etsy on ; )!

    Monica x

  • BL

    http://www.etsy.com/shop/sugarshoppeLA for adorable custom sugar cubes!

  • This is very helpful as I easily get overwhelmed on Etsy lol


  • Meredith

    I love to shop on Etsy! It feels so good to support an indie artist and that your product doesn’t go through a long supply chain like when you buy from a big box store. My favorite Etsy stores are The Black Apple and Oh So Poppy.

  • I am an Etsy seller also and did not know some of these things (-sign to prevent items coming up in search). Nice suggestions and give us more! http://www.pippihepburn.etsy.com

  • Jenn K

    I learned a lot about using etsy and I already buy and am a shop owner on etsy! My shop (EasthamptonPeach) is less than a year old and I thank God got etsy every day-my business is doing amazing-more than I ever dreamed! Actually more than I can almost handle myself-but if it weren’t for etsy I’d never have this experience in business. As a hopper I look forward to going back into my favorites and adding them to my cart-they stay there (which I love) so when I have extra money for me I go to my cart and pick what I will buy that day. The rest of my cart is still there for my next shipping excursion. Love etsy!

  • Hi Jess! Oh my goodness, months later and I am just now seeing that you linked to my shop. Thank you so much! Such a compliment to be featured by you. xoxo