7 Ways to Style Hair for Every Summer Occasion

With blistering heat and humidity that never seems to cease, I think we can all agree that summer is in full swing. The longer, hotter days can make it easy to fall into a style rut. That’s why we have turned to two experts, Lindsey Kidd for hair and Natalie Laine for makeup, to help our beauty routines thrive in summer rather than, well melt. We’ve addressed seven of the most common summer occasions so that you can be ready for whatever your social calendar may contain. From the music festival to a day at the beach, our experts have promised that if these looks can survive the Texas heat they can survive anything.

And make sure to check back next Thursday for part two when we’ll show you the corresponding makeup looks for each hair style!

Saturday Afternoon with the Girls: Waves with a Braid

Step 1: Part your hair on the side

Step 2: Take two inch square sections and curl each section hair away from your face with a curl stick, leaving out a 1 to 2 inch piece on the ends

Step 3: Take a 1 inch diagonal section on the side

Step 4: Section it into 2 sections and tie them in a knot

Step 5: Take the two pieces and join them together

Step 6: Take another 1 inch diagonal section and join it with the other piece – tie a knot.

Step 7: Continue to knot each piece until you reach behind your ear.

Step 8: Take the braid and pin with a bobby pin

The Music Festival: Milkmaid

Step 1: Part your hair down the middle all the way to the back and separate into two sections

Step 2: Braid each section into two braided pigtails

Step 3: Take each pigtail, lay across the top of your head and pin each one down to secure

Step 4: Make it messy! Take each braid and slightly pull it apart – pull out whispy pieces in the front

Step 5: Spray with hair spray to hold

Beach Day: The Headband Twist

Step 1: Grab an elastic headband and place on top of your head – bring it down near your ears and close to your hair line

Step 2: Start at the front of your hair and twist over the elastic band

Step 3: Keep twisting a small layer over the elastic band around your head until the entire band is covered

Step 4: Slightly pull apart if needed

Step 5:  Take the rest of your hair and roll it into the back of your headband to create a low bun

Woke Up Late: Messy Pony or Scarf

Step 1: Prep the hair by spraying your hair with sea salt spray and blow dry in or dry shampoo at the roots

Step 2: Take horizontal 1 inch sections and tease each section – when you have teased 3 or 4 sections, lightly brush down until the tease is hidden

Step 3: Take a scarf and wrap it around the top of your hair – tie the scarf in the back

Step 4: Either leave your hair down or tuck it into the scarf at the bottom

The Morning Commute: Sideknot

Step 1: Pull your hair into a side ponytail, secure with elastic band

Step 2: Section your ponytail into 2 sections

Step 3: Tie a knot with your two sections

Step 4: Keep tying knots until the entire ponytail is knotted, then secure with clear elastic band

Step 5: Take your knotted braid and tuck it back (tuck the end underneath the braided bun) – pin to secure

Step 6: Pull apart if needed

Step 7: Spray with hair spray to hold

Dinner Date al Fresco: Waves with a Twist

Step 1: Grab a curl wand, section your hair into 2 inch sections all around your head, and curl each section away from your face (spray with hair spray to hold)

Step 2: Take about an inch section in the front of your hair and twist – secure with a  bobby pin

Step 3: Take another inch section directly behind your first section, and twist – secure with a bobby pin

Step 4: To relax your curls and add texture to your hair, finish by sprinkling with Dust It

The Summer Wedding: Braided Updo

Step 1: Part your hair down the middle all the way to the back and section into two pieces

Step 2: Take each section and french braid into two french pigtails

Step 3: Take each pigtail and loop it in the back – secure with pins (tuck ends under each braid and pin)

Step 4: Slightly pull apart each braid

Step 5: Spray with hair spray to hold

Models: Jasmin Peraza, Clarissa Vanhousen, Kathy Webb, Allyson Fulcher, Haley Urquhart, Megan Silianoff, Praveena Paladugu