8 Things All Successful Women Do On Sunday

  • Copy by: Erin Nicole for The Zoe Report
  • Feature Image By: Monica Vinader

It’s easy to fall prey to the Sunday blues, which can often render you useless (that is, if whatever you did on Saturday night hasn’t already). However Sunday is, in our opinion, the most important day of the week, and it’s therefore important not to waste it. Successful women know that cultivating a few healthy habits on the seventh day can make the other six more productive and fulfilling. Here, eight Sunday rituals these ladies never skip.

1. Clean

Doing laundry and generally organizing will help you feel prepared for the chaos of your busy weekday schedule. Need more motivation to tackle these unpleasant chores on your day off? Science has proven that physical clutter reduces our ability to focus and process information.

2. Map out the week

If you suffer from Sunday-night anxiety, one way to cope is to ignore whatever it is you’ll face come Monday; however, mapping out the week will actually lessen your anxiety by helping you feel in control. Review your upcoming schedule to ensure there are no surprises and to give yourself time to prep for stressful events.

3. Prep food and wardrobe

This advice may sound a major “nerd alert” for you, but picking out your clothes for the week can be a life-changing habit, one that will shave significant time off your mornings and ideally prevent wardrobe snafus. The same goes for your breakfasts and lunches—planning and preparing ahead will save you both time and money.

4. Set goals

They should be specific, but attainable, and they should be tied into your larger goals. Say you want to learn to play the piano. One of your goals for the week should be to practice for a total of two hours. You can do that in 30-minute increments, four times a week, or binge it out on Sunday—all that matters is that you get the hours accomplished. Check in with your work and life goals when making this to-do list. (If you want a relationship, for example, one of your weekly goals could be to go on one date.) Try not to set more than three goals in any given week so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Not to get all new age on you, but setting one big intention for your week can be life-changing. It can be anything from self-love to forgiveness to bravery—and beyond. Write it down and stick it on your fridge.

5. Unplug

We recently extolled the virtues of a digital detox, and if you’re considering dipping a toe into this healthful trend, we suggest you start with Sunday. You don’t have to detox the entire day, but if you can unplug for a couple of hours, you’ll be mentally and physically healthier for it. This means no computers, phones or even TVs.

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This post originally appeared Oct. 30, 2016, on The Zoe Report.

  • Saturdays are my cleaning days but I like the idea of having a weekly switch off

    – Natalie

    • Hanny

      I’m trying to switch from sunday to saturday for cleaning. I find that sunday for cleaning still makes me anxious for the week.

  • Jem

    Perfect timing with this write up! I have slowly been implementing many of these organisational tactics over the past few months.

    The little things have built to making my 12 hour corporate work days managable.

    I have a work clothes section of the cupboard for the week ahead, and have photos of two go-to outfits for when i have a bad day and don’t feel good in anything. Then i walk away from the mirror and do the day.

    I also set a new alarm tone on Sunday nights, so my weekday mornings are different week to week. It takes the monotony out the work day, when your week needs to be quite structured.

    I have also built in working on something arty, crafty or bake and decorate over the weekend, so I can let go of my rules based mindset and force myself to let go.

    I think the next part i will take on is the digital detox you wrote about and build in the goal setting, finding an anthem of the week.

    Really looking forward to reading what other Every Girls are doing!

    • Coline

      Very good ideas!

  • Nikki Laraja

    I love to be productive on Sunday, it makes me feel so ahead of the game on Monday!


  • Denise

    These are all great! I really want to work on the last two. Great advise!


  • Part of me thinks that so much planning might take the fun and spontaneity out of the week (like with the wardrobe and food planning), but I also feel like trying to decide on outfits and meals can take so much mental energy, so I’d be willing to take some time to plan on Sunday.

  • I did all of the above this past sunday! Now that I no longer go to school I don’t have to worry about finishing up homework. Sunday is the best day at home where I get to clean and prepare for the week ahead =o)


  • Taylor Kim

    Sundays are my favorite because of this!! It just makes me feel so refreshed and ready for the week. I do need to get better at food prepping though!

    xo, Taylor

  • I love the idea of the big intention for the week. I tend to do my goals on a more daily bases, but having a theme or intention for the week seems like a great way to get things moving in life! The rest of these are gold, though I’ll always choose clothes the morning of.

  • People always ask why Sunday is my favorite day. THIS. This is why.


  • Cathy

    This successful woman goes to church on Sunday.

    • Sonya Spalinger

      This one does also Cathy! Best way to start your week!

    • Sonya Spalinger

      This one does also Cathy! Best way to start your week!

  • N Lewis

    I really like to dedicate my Sundays to unplugging. We do so much on every other day of the week. I need one day to just be and do nothing. So cleaning and prepping might be a Saturday thing for me.


  • Nicci Alain

    Great tips! These days I just dont want to do anything on Sundays so I do my basic cleaning and laundry on Friday night then wake up quite excited on Saturdays because I can immediately start doing the fun stuff! Must work on the digital detox though. Also, I like picking clothes in the morning as it really depends on my mood and the weather, so what I have to work on is wake up in the first alarm and not five snoozes later!

  • coco

    Fantastic article, and could you also *please* share where the rings/bracelets are from this photo?

    • The Everygirl

      Hi Coco, the rings are from Monica Vinader, you can see more here: https://www.monicavinader.com/

  • I believe that arranging your day makes better achievements.
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  • Pepita

    I compulsively knit all day long!! and splurging at http://www.weareknitters.com

  • Laurel

    Love, this is exactly my Sunday, every week! Wake up, run, clean, shower, meal prep (plan/grocery shop on fri/sat), plan/prep weekly run journal (training for a marathon), read. No TV on Sunday’s, I listen to music and stay unplugged as much as possible. I look forward to it every week! Prepping my meals and planning my runs/cross training puts me in the right mindset and keeps me motivated. Definitely need to start planning outfits!

  • Heidi

    I have a cleaning lady and use Shoprite from Home. I spend the weekends with my children instead of doing chores and I enjoy my life so much more.

  • This is wonderful! I will definitely be sharing this, I love everything on this list and it is definitely a thing to do if you’re trying to have a healthy mind and don’t feel so stress throughout the week!

  • Hlubikazi Tyatyeka

    What about church? No?