8 Travel Accessories to Up Your Airport Style

As more people are choosing to invest in travel experiences over traditional expenditures, stylish travel accessories have become more prevalent as well. We’re big believers in celebrating personal style, so we’ve rounded up our eight must-haves to up your airport style — without sacrificing comfort or practicality.


1. An Oversized Cardigan

Skip your alma mater’s sweatshirt and the scratchy airline blanket. A soft cardigan is the best layering piece for a girl on the go. Opt for a soft material and a fit that dips below your hips to double as a soft wrap on a chilly flight. A neutral color can be thrown over almost any outfit during your trip so you aren’t wasting any space in your bag.




A DIY Beauty Kit

When boarding an early flight or a red eye, the last thing that anyone wants to do is put on makeup and jewelry. Unfortunately, we usually have to be ready to hit the ground running as soon as that flight lands. Keep your full cosmetic bag and jewelry in your luggage, but add a few of your must-haves to your carry on to freshen up before landing. You’ll feel great as soon as you step off the jet bridge.




Chic Sneakers

Source: Hannah Hagler

It’s so tempting to put on your cutest sandals to board a plane to vacation, but a cold plane can render your toes numb, and you’re at risk of twisting an ankle running to catch your connecting flight. Opt for a pair of sneakers that are equally cute, comfortable, and practical. A great pair can be dressed up with an LBD or dressed down with your favorite joggers and t-shirt. If you don’t have TSA Pre Check, opt for a slip-on version to speed through security.




A Passport Holder

Source: Livvy Land

Boarding passes, baggage check receipts, and your IDs can end up scattered on the bottom of your purse as you go from plane to train. Rather than toting along your everyday wallet, switch over to a passport case that does double duty. With room for all of your paperwork and IDs, you’ll be organized and stylish from the moment you leave home.




A Travel Backpack

We’ve all seen the Instagram photos of stylish travelers with their purses perfectly seated on their suitcases. So chic and easy, right? What those photos don’t show is the shoulder pain after those suitcases are checked and those stylish women are left to tote around a heavy purse. Forgo the shoulder pain and invest in an equally cute backpack — your body will thank you!




Luggage with Personality

Airports are plagued by boring luggage. Black fabric suitcases of all shapes and sizes roll by without any infusion of personality. Luckily for us, over the last few years more brands have started to offer stylish and sophisticated totes that let us show our personality without looking juvenile. From modern fabrics to new features like USB ports (!!), these aren’t your parents’ suitcases.




Tech Support

The amount of tech gadgets that we carry around with us these days is enough to fill anyone’s purse. Add in the necessary cords, batteries, and headphones to get through a long trip and it’ll be a miracle to find anything in your bag. Just as you can consolidate your wallet into a beautiful passport case, there are stylish technology hacks to keep all of your cords tangle-free and easily accessible (even when you’re stuck in a middle seat).




The Perfect Hat

Source: Hello Fashion

Source: Glitter Guide

For a girl on the go, it’s hard to keep your hair clean and frizz-free after hours of traveling. Like a great pair of sneakers, a stylish hat can be dressed up or dressed down while covering a multitude of travel sins. Throw it on for your early morning flight to shade your tired eyes, or add it to your look after you step off a red eye flight and your tresses are less than fresh.




What are your must-haves for traveling in style? Share them in the comments below!