8 Travel Accessories We’re Currently Loving

There is an endless number of travel “must-haves” out there, and the process of amassing a few good travel essentials is more and more difficult as result. As baggage fees continue to climb and because precious luggage space is always at a premium, it’s imperative you leave the things that will weigh you down at home. We’ve simplified the process by pulling together a list of eight travel accessories you’re sure to find in our bags.

S’well Water Bottle

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In an airplane, staying hydrated is absolutely crucial but that alos continues to be true once you’re on the ground. With all the eating and drinking we all tend to do while traveling, water intake may fall by the wayside. While traveling with a reusable water bottle is absolutely essential, we love S’well bottles in particular for their ability to keep water cool for up to 24 hours (yes, really!). This makes it a perfect accessory on trips where you’ll be outdoors but also for city trips where you’ll be walking around a lot. The bottles are durable, leak-proof, and come in a variety of different colors and patterns.

Flight 001 Aeronaut Liquid Carry On Bag

If you travel even a few times per year, it might be time to invest in a TSA approved bag to hold all of your carry-on liquids. While a regular plastic bag will work in a pinch, we love the Flight 001 Aeronaut for a more permanent, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solution. Toss your grimy plastic bag and load up your liquids into this chic little case. It’s clear and TSA approved so you won’t have to worry about getting through security.

Stowaway Cosmetics

Traveling with makeup is always a bit of a challenge. You’ve probably found yourself wondering what you will really need, be it makeup for a special event or dinner and how to avoid packing your entire vanity. Enter: Stowaway Cosmetics. These cosmetics are specifically designed to be compact and space-saving so you can pack your essentials without worrying about taking up precious space. These cosmetics come in small sizes so you can use the product entirely before it expires. Great for travel and great for your skin all at the same time!

Cordito Cord and Plug Rollup

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Sometimes it feels like chargers and cords take over our entire bag, and the feeling only gets worse when traveling internationally. To wrangle all of your never-ending cords, we love the Cordito Cord Rollup. You’ve probably seen the similar cord taco before but the cordito takes it a step further by organizing all plugs and electronic accessories (like memory cards) in one place. And the entire thing rolls up neatly—making it easy to stash in just about any bag.

Tieks Ballet Flats

These are a bit of an investment piece but if you fair bit of travel, they’re definitely worth the splurge. These foldable flats save on precious luggage space—they’re a lifesaver while traveling. Pop them in your day bag each day, and you’ve got yourself a comfy change of shoes (when the ones you’re wearing inevitably start giving you blisters after a long day of walking). On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re wearing a pair of comfy but decidedly unstylish sneakers while exploring a city, it’s nice to slip these before a nice meal to look instantly more put together.

Axel & Ash Wanderlust Travel Journal

Less and less of us seem to turn to physical journals and diaries now that just about everything is digital, but while traveling there’s something really special about keeping a travel journal. Axel & Ash make beautiful hard cover journals, the perfect companion on an extended trip. The journal is full of prompts that help you record your days, beautiful photos, and inspiring quotes. The journal works perfectly for longer vacations (it would be great while studying abroad!) or for recording multiple trips.

Urban Ears Headphones

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Good quality headphones can transform an otherwise terrible plane or train journey into a completely transcendent experience. For your next trip, we recommend treating your ears by upgrading your old worn out headphones for a quality set. Urban Ears are a wonderful option whether you’re looking for basic ear buds or a set that fully covers your ears. They come in several colors and there are many different options depending on your budget and preferences. The Plattan model is our favorite!

FRiEK Waterproof Phone Case

If you’re upcoming vacation involves a trip to the ocean, pool or just about any body of water, one of these cases is a must! At under $10, it’s budget friendly and allows you to take underwater photos. There’s something so fun about beach and water photos and this case will keep your phone protected while you snap away. You might be a little nervous about your beloved iPhone getting wet (I definitely was), but this case is well built and completely sealed. It has over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon to prove it!

What travel item do you never leave home without? Let us know in the comments!

  • Davida Selby

    I need my travel size Kate Lynn & Adwoa whipped shea butter when i’m on the road!

  • I’ve been thinking about investing in an underwater phone case- thanks for the suggestion!

  • Sarah M

    Please make sure you EDIT your articles. This is full of great info but all I will take away are the spelling and grammatical errors. Poor form.

    • Cassandra Ann

      Ouch! Lol — My first blog post told my readers, “I WILL MAKE GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES” but I usually try to run my post through Grammarly before I post anything. It’s a life savor!

  • Lauren

    Lo & Sons bag. A tiny bottle of face wash, lotion (for hands and face), earplugs, eyemask, toothbrush+paste, and of course an ipad loaded with shows + extra charger and battery pack for long international flights.

  • Me too! And I really want that TSA approved bag for liquids – more than once I’ve been going through security and had my plastic bag break and the items in it going everywhere (I’ve learned not to take anything in a glass container…)

    I’m also loving packing cells, the look similar to that liquid bag but are just SO handy when it comes to compartmentalising everything – especially if you have a lot of stops on your trip.

    Sam xx
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  • Cassandra Ann

    Thanks for sharing! I agree with everything but the water bottle. I prefer to stick with my handy travel cup. I wish I could post a picture to show you, it’s GREAT!

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    Cassandra Ann

  • Amber


    Much I enjoyed reading your blog.

  • Sahra

    oooh I didn’t know they made mini-swells! and those mini stow away beauty products?? SO CUTE! I’m definitely going to be stocking up on like, all of this, before my trip to New Orleans next month!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  • I love that journal!

  • Laura Houghton

    I always need my Paul Mitchell moisture mist for my hair, my Olay hand cream, and some hand sanitiser. Airports can be really grubby and the plane itself can be really drying to your skin and hair. Gum and cough sweets are also a must, along with headphones!

  • Charlene Rhinehart

    Great items! I will have to check out the S’well water bottle. Thanks for sharing!