9 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Traveling

You’ve booked your ticket, planned out your outfits, and saved all the spots you want to visit. While your to-do list for your vacation is almost complete, it can be tough to find travel-friendly beauty products that’ll fit inside your suitcase.

However, just because you can’t fit your favorite hairspray or blow dryer inside your bag doesn’t mean you can’t rock a stylish hairdo while you explore new lands. Plus, when your outfit and makeup look flawless, you want your locks to look like they’ve been styled by Kristin Ess herself. But how do you feel confident about your hair when you’re traveling with little to no hair products? By strutting easy, fashion-forward hairstyles that won’t take up a lot of your time (because, let’s be honest, you’d rather spend your time drinking a bottle of wine by the Seine).

Whether you have long, medium, or short hair, here are nine beautiful hairstyles that are perfect for traveling.




As much as we all love the lob, it can be hard to find ways to style it without using a curling iron. Plus, it’s tough to get creative with your short strands when you can only stuff so much in your carry-on suitcase. Opt for stylish clips or embrace your natural locks by creating chic braids that will stay put and look beautiful all day long.


1. The Halfsie

Don’t let greasy, second-day hair put a damper on your vacay. Spritz dry shampoo onto your roots and gather half your hair into a messy, half-twist bun for a girl-next-door hairstyle that’s effortlessly chic.


2. Braid Deep Side Part

Source: Brit + Co

When you made reservations at a restaurant that’s down the block from your Airbnb and you want to wear your natural curls, opt for this single-braided ‘do to take your tresses to a whole other level.


3. Short-Haired Accessory

While a ponytail is a go-to hairstyle for any busy traveler, constantly using a hair tie can damage their strands. Instead, use a stylish hair clip to keep your tresses safe and in place.




While medium-length hair has been the go-to hairdo as of late, it can be the toughest length to style. But don’t fret, with a few hair ties, bobby pins, and scarves, you’ll be able to recreate all three of these hairdos for your next trip.  


4. The Modern Messy Bun

Source: Marie Claire

Not every hairstyle needs to require the use of heating tools. Create this quick-and-easy look by wearing a headband and twisting your hair into a high bun. Lift the top of your hair for a dramatic effect that’s subtle yet chic and perfect for every travel occasion.  


5. Half-Up Fish Braid

Source: Kassinka

This hairstyle is perfect for wavy-haired girls who forgot to pack their hair straightener and want to add more texture to their ‘do.


6. Knotted Scarf Chignon

Scarves will not only hide those greasy roots from making an appearance in your selfies, but they’ll also add a stylish factor to your already Instagram-worthy ensemble.




Trying to figure out how to style your Rapunzel-like hair can put you in the blues way before you hop on the plane. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to style long locks. With twists, braids, and bobby pins, all your hair woes will be solved with these five-minute hairdos.


7. Crown Braid Tutorial

Go and explore the city without having to give your strands a midday fix. Braid your hair into a braided crown, add a few bobby pins, and your strands will stay in place all day long.


8. Twisted Side Pony

If you’re tired of braiding your hair, gather your strands into a low twisted side pony for a flirty effect. This hairdo will keep those sweaty hairs at bay thanks to its low twisted style and slick side bangs.


9. Twisted Side Braid Tutorial

Get romantic with your hair by strutting this stunning braid. Whether you’re exploring the museum or heading back to the airport, this twisted side braid is going to give you wanderlust vibes way after your vacation.


What are your favorite hairstyles to wear when you travel? Let us know in the comments below.