A Simple Halloween DIY to Spook Up Your Home

It’s party season, so what does that mean for your beloved bar cart? Is it ready for entertaining? Do you have the basics? Great! But you will need to change a little more than just napkins to help it feel festive. It’s time to swap our summer booze for heartier libations and maybe throw in a few more dramatic bottles and décor. Halloween is just around the corner, but with a touch of black and white, we can make a spooky yet chic cart that will be perfect for your bewitching ball. Let’s start with the standby. Here is my simple everyday bar cart, my favorite gilded darling, the Sedgewick. A simple floral arrangement, a few pops of brass, mint green, my beloved vintage Carlo Moretti glasses, and she was ready for anything I threw at her, parties that is. But what’s a girl to do to vamp up her bar cart this season? First, put on this Eartha Kitt song to get in the mood. Next, follow these easy steps to style your cart for Halloween.

First, start with a simple black and white palette. Then choose an accent color, in this case I chose orange, a more traditional Halloween color, but I amped it up with a little neon hue. My inspiration was the Espolon Tequila bottle, but you could use a piece of fabric or a cocktail napkin for yours. Do you have a favorite décor item for Halloween? Use that as your guide.

Second, grab the booze but keep within a palette. From that one bottle I found another bottle in the same bright orange, a liqueur infused with persimmon, papaya, mango and lime juices. I love sweet drinks and I’ll try any new beverage with a pretty bottle. I had to add the classic Skull Vodka, how could I not for Halloween, and the always fantastic Hendricks, perfect in its gorgeous black bottle. I also got a little black cat for luck. It is actually a wine bottle, a perfect pet for my cart.

Next, clear off the top of the cart and start fresh. Whenever I am styling, I love to start with a clean slate. Lay a sheet of black and white stripe table runner down. This is a paper that comes on rolls, perfect for parties! Always add a floral element. I had a vintage vase I found that I painted black. I wanted something simple, but dramatic to go in it but couldn’t find the right flowers. So instead, I bought a package of Eucalyptus at the store, grabbed a can of floral paint and painted them, too.

Another one of my tricks? If you find a bottle of something you love, but the label isn’t so hot, just remove it with Goo Gone. It makes removing the label super easy and then you have a good looking bottle of the good stuff. That’s what I did with the black vodka bottle on the bottom right of the cart. Psst…I’ve also done it with mixers and their less than lovely labels.

Finally, swap out your everyday glasses for something new and fresh. Keep the shape clean and modern and stick to the black and white palette. You don’t want to have too much orange, or whatever your accent color is, just a hint and a pop. This will keep your cart from feeling too kitchy. Add some black candles to your favorite brass candlesticks. Pay attention to levels, add variety like the small gold stand. My most important styling trick? Don’t forget the bottom shelf. Be sure to add fun touches like the little vase with flowers and arrange everything nicely, even down below. The devil is in the details but it sure is worth it.

DIY Spooky Floral Arrangement

A spooky floral arrangement is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Using a sturdy floral filler, like Eucalyptus, will keep your bar looking fresh longer. It is stunning on it’s own and with a can of black spray paint, it looks graphic and modern.

You will need:
1 can of flat black floral spray paint
cardboard or newspaper for painting

Step 1: Separate your branches and trim off any broken leaves or stems with scissors. Move outside and set up your cardboard sheet out away from the house, you don’t want to get accidental over-spray on anything. Shake your floral spray paint can according to directions.

Step 2: Set one or two branches out on the cardboard and spray the entire thing with a light coat of paint. Let dry. Flip over and repeat on the other side. Let dry.

Step 3: Now that the majority of the branch is painted, pick up the branch and give it a second coat to cover any spots that didn’t get painted from the leaves overlapping. Hold the branch at various angles to reach those spots and always spray away from yourself. Let dry. Repeat with remaining branches. Note: Let the branches dry completely and air out for a bit before bringing inside.

Add your chic black branches to a vase and pop it on your bar cart. Use mulitple bouquets and add them around the house, like a giant display on the console or in a low arrangement on the coffee table to decorate for a modern alternative to pumpkins.

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