Add to Cart: The Amazon Buys That Will Change Your Summer

You already know we’re obsessed with Amazon — each month, we stock our carts with products both fun and practical, and they’re delivered to our doors in just two days or less. It’s no secret that you can buy beauty products, trendy accessories, and delicious food — but as it turns out, you can stock your life for summer on the ‘zon as well.

Here, we’re sharing everything we’re buying for summer from our favorite online retailer. Happy shopping!


For Outdoor Activity…


Facial Sunscreen

This dermatologist-recommended (but actually — it's stocked in some offices!) sunscreen is a no-brainer in the summer if you struggle with acne. It doesn't clog pores and actually moisturizes the skin, but it never leaves a film or white cast across the face like other sunscreens on the market. If you were thinking about this sunscreen, scoop it up on Amazon for that Prime 2-day shipping. A day without sun protection is day too many!

Banana Boat

SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen (Twin Pack)

I should not need to tell you to wear sunscreen — and this multipack of the good stuff makes it easier than ever for you to comply. Whether you're reading a book on your patio or sweating it out on the beach, this SPF 50 will keep you covered. It stays on up to 80 minutes, even in the water!


Charge 2

Whether summer motivates you to stay active or you just find yourself out and about more now that the weather's nice, a Fitbit is a chic way to stay on top of how much movement you're getting. I use mine to track my sleep, my heartrate, and my steps — it's the best way to remind myself to stay active!


Giant Jenga

When a summer storm hits, it feels like there's absolutely nothing to do indoors with your friends or family. That's where this game comes in. Everyone knows and loves it, and we love that this one comes with everything you need, including a carrying case! You could also bring this to any outdoor party or BBQ — we're not against turning it into a drinking game!

Youphoria Outdoors

Quicky Dry Microfiber Towel

No one likes having a wet towel hanging around their pool bag — this quick-drying option will keep YOU dry first, then serve as a low-maintenance addition to all your outdoor adventures.


Double Hammock

A hammock is one of those things I never think about wanting until it's suddenly 75 and sunny on my first open Saturday of the year. You can drape this across any two trees that are close enough — thus creating the perfect little outdoor seating situation.


Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For when a regular Bluetooth speaker seems a little too delicate, this version is more durable. Not only could you use this in your own shower or tub, but you could also throw it in your beach or pool bag to take with you on the go.

Simple Modern

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Summer is prime time for a trip to Hydration Station, and nothing will keep you hydrated better than an extra-large water bottle. This insulated version keeps your beverages extra cold all day long, and it comes in several cute colors. Take this with you everywhere — your hot self will thank you!

Amazon Basics

Bocce Set with Carrying Case

Bocce is such a quintessential "dad" game — it feels like every suburban dad has a bocce set hiding in his garage. Well, dad, you win this round — because I've recently found myself missing my old-school bocce days. Grab a set for yourself — or give the dad in your life one as a gift.


Outdoor Volleyball

You already know what a volleyball is — but you may NOT know that it's the most versatile piece of sports equipment to have on hand this summer. Bring it to the beach or pool, or just bump it around in someone's backyard at a barbecue. You don't need a single other piece of equipment to get a game going (though a net doesn't hurt), and you can play with just one other person or with a group of 20. I should be a volleyball spokesperson!!


Watermelon Pool Float

Picture this: you're floating in the pool of the trendiest resort, surrounded by the rich and famous, with a jalapeño margarita in hand. Now, what are you floating on? Was it a watermelon float? I thought so. Upgrade your summer by foregoing the usual noodles and opting for an adorable float that's Insta-worthy, affordable, and big enough to fit your bff. Whether you're at that trendy resort or your local community pool, you'll just know you look cute AF.


Flamingo Pool Float

This floatie is the quintessential summer pool accessory. In two different sizes you can decide if you want to float alone, cocktail in hand, or hop on with a group of friends for the mandatory summer ’Gram

Beach Towel

Buying a beach towel most likely won’t cross your mind until you’re headed out the door with a ratty, bleach-stained bath towel, so cut your losses and pick this Insta-worthy one up now.


Source: @shopbando


For Our Homes…


Insulated Double-Wall Glass, Set of 2

Clear glasses make just about anything you drink look a little more like you're in a chic hotel room. These are at an incredible price point while looking as high-end as more expensive counterparts. Add some ice, and brew over your favorite coffee for a fancy drink for a quarter of the price of your usual coffee run! BONUS: Bring them outside to enjoy your coffee (or wine) in the nice hot weather!

Click and Grow

Indoor Gardening Kit

For apartment dwellers with little to no outdoor space, this is an amazing way to add a fresh, home-grown feel to your space (and your meals!). Not only is this easy to install from the get-go, but it's also not a hassle to maintain. It also takes up as much space as a loaf of bread, so you don't have to worry about giving up any of that precious space.


Tundra 45 Coolor

This cooler can fit up to 26 cans — which means that you’ll be set for the day without needing to go on an alcohol run. Win!


Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This is the perfect tiny speaker to keep on hand to bring with you to all your alfresco situations. I don't have much of an outdoor space in my apartment, but my roommate and I do like to bring a beer or a glass of wine out to our front stoop for an end-of-day catch-up. We can bring this little guy with us to enjoy some nighttime Mumford!


Source: Iron & Honey for The Everygirl





For Our Closets…


V-Neck Jumpsuit

There’s nothing easier (or more comfortable!) to throw on in the summer than a plain romper. Nix trying to decide on an outfit and wear this to all of your summer occasions, from graduation parties to happy hour — we won’t tell anyone you’re an outfit repeater.

Water Princess

High-Waisted Bathing Suit

You've probably seen this insanely cute-yet-budget-friendly bathing suit all over social media this summer — and for good reason. It's very flattering and trendy, but won't break the bank. I personally love the maroon — size up!


Swing Midi Dress

Because what feels better for summer than an easy, breezy sundress? Add in a flattering silhouette and on-trend buttons and you literally won't want to wear anything else this summer. Throw on your favorite white sneakers or a pair of sandals and you're good to go!


Wander Often Flat Sandal

You know you basically LIVE in sandals in the summer, but for those of us who can't wear them to work, it seems silly to spend a fortune on sandals that you'll be wearing to run errands and hang out in. These are casual enough for every day yet cute enough to spice up jeans and a tee.


Weave Drop Disc Earrings

We're wearing straw with everything this summer — it's the trendiest material making its way into your shoes, your purses, and even your furniture. So why not add the trend into your jewelry too? Whether you're traveling or not this summer, these chic (and insanely affordable!) earrings will transport you to a tropical vacation.


Seamless Sports Bras (Set of 3)

I hate shopping for sports bras because I don't want 8 million straps and a criss-cross back that will be impossible to put on, finished with a psychedelic print. I just want a bra that will hold my boobs in place and not make me sweat so much that I look as if someone pushed me in a river. These bras are lightweight and solid colors, come in a pack of three, and cost $17. Bless.


Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

You've probably seen these iconic heart-shaped sunglasses all over your Instagram feed and the #OOTDs of your favorite fashion bloggers and celebs. But that doesn't mean you have to drop a celeb price tag to get them yourself. Stock up on all the colors (because why not!?) and wait for all the, "omg, where did you get those!?" that you're about to get.


Classic Oversized Aviators

Nothing is harder than finding a great pair of sunglasses that are both high-quality and affordable. (When you’re throwing them in your purse all summer, it’s hard to shell out a ton of cash for them). These super flattering aviators will be the best purchase you’ve ever made — they’re a little oversized to hide your eye bags after a night of rosé, and come in seven different colors.


Deep V Backless Dress

I bought this dress last year for a wedding in Austin, and I could NOT be more glad that I did. It's super flattering, great for dancing, and a total showstopper. I've been considering buying it in a few more colors!


Statement Drop Earrings

We couldn’t be more on board with the tassel earring trend, and these round ones are a fun take on it (and they’re super inexpensive, so we’re ordering in every color).


Acrylic Earrings

Summer is for easy outfits, and nothing makes jeans and a tee more fashion-forward than a pair of statement earrings. These tortise ones will be your go-to for work and every barbeque on your schedule.


Tie Front Top

A classic white tee is basically all I want to wear in the summer — so this is a fun way to mix things up a bit. Wear it with your favorite jeans and sandals, then throw on a jacket for when the sun goes down.

Daily Ritual

Terry Deep V Dress

There's nothing simpler in the summertime than throwing on a breezy dress — but sometimes, even a low-maintenance dress can feel too overdone. This terry version is the perfect blend of casual and put-together — but it runs big, so size down!


Beach Coverup

Gone are the days of covering up your suit with a ratty t-shirt and shorts — there are way too many cute coverups out there! Our Director of Partnerships Ally has this one, and says it's a cute and silky option for all your sunny days ahead.


V-neck Buttoned Dress

Even the most pattern-averse people can admit that a fun print can be a fun change for the season — and this dress is a great way to add a pop to your wardrobe. The fluttery sleeves and button details are perfectly romantic — but casual enough for a bike ride through the park.

Short Sleeve Pajama Set

No one likes to be hot when they sleep (right?), but sometimes you want to wear something cuter than an old college t-shirt and your old volleyball spandex (I can't be the only one, right?). These pajamas will look adorable AND keep you #coolforthesummer.


Source: Danielle Moss


For Traveling…


6pc. Luggage Organizers

You might think, "packing cubes are something I've lived without for this long, so I don't need them." I'm here to tell you that you DO, in fact, need them. They will transform not only the way you pack, but the way you travel, with everything having its place and the ability to fit more than you would otherwise. Trust me — you'll be asking yourself how you ever traveled without them.


16oz. Cold Cup

There's no time like the summer to give up your plastic consumption — and no cuter way to do it! I love my classic Starbs cups as much as the next girl.


Weekender Bag

From Memorial Day on, summer weekend are packed full of weekend road trips to the lake and staycations at friend’s apartments for days at the beach. This bag will fit all of your necessities — from your towels and sunscreen to all 10 of your bikinis when you just can’t decide which one to bring.