An Elopement Wedding in Paris

  • Photography by: Aaron Lee Craig
  • Styling by: Jess Keys + Valerie Chen
  • Copy by: Valerie Chen

While glowing brides still do glide down the church aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” in a long, white gown, many brides are inching away from tradition. They embrace something new (alongside their something borrowed, something blue, et al.) instead, seeking nontraditional surroundings for their blissful day — and naturally, the gorgeous ensembles to go along with them. 

First up on our annual Wedding Week agenda: the Elopement Wedding.

Of course, there is magic in sharing your big day with beloved family members and friends in attendance. However, there is also something decidedly enchanted about boarding a vehicle with your heart full, your passport in hand, and only your soon-to-be husband or wife by your side — as if it’s all a coy secret between the two of you. Rather than splurge on a wedding reception and ceremony, you have invested in dream getaway, with the union of your marriage as the cherry on top. 

To demonstrate how to style a bridal look for a destination wedding, we teamed up with Brynn of Being Elliott. Brynn recently traveled to the ideal place for the grand, romantic gesture of an overseas wedding: Paris, aptly nicknamed “The City of Love.” Her now-fiancé (more on that in a bit!) shot these photographs while they explored the 18th arrondissement of Paris’s Montmartre district, home to quaint cafes, the regal Sacré-Cœur Basilica, gifted street artists, and a breathtaking, hilltop view of the city. 

Dress and Shoes

With limited luggage room, consider practicality. Refrain from choosing a floor-length dress — especially any with a long train — as a shorter dress will not only take up less space in your bags, but also can be worn again during your time abroad and thereafter.

Brynn donned an elegant Cynthia Steffe dress made of lace and faux leather, two durable materials that won’t wrinkle while in transit (while tulle and silks likely would). The dress’ sophisticated fit of a high-neck plus cap sleeves blend in with her Parisian surroundings, and her nude heeled sandals will seamlessly pair with other looks on the trips.

Hair & Jewelry 

With most of your budget going toward the trip itself, we encourage keeping things sweet and simple for hair and jewelry. Brynn styled her hair in a slightly disheveled chignon, letting her Mignonne Handmade birdcage veil be the rightful star of the show. Don a pair of classic earrings, such as these freshwater pearl drop earrings from Delilah Accessories, that are timeless rather than uber-trendy.


Particularly with the streets of Paris as your amorous roaming grounds, we think no-fuss soft pink roses will fit the bridal bouquet bill just fine. Is it just us, or does the deep pink shade of the roses make Brynn’s brand-new engagement ring pop even more?

Speaking of her engagement ring: Aaron Craig, our shoot’s photographer and Brynn’s now-former boyfriend, had a sneaky proposal up his sleeve for the duo’s time in Paris. Brynn had arranged for several collaborative shoots set up around the city, and unbeknownst to Brynn, Aaron planned to take over one of the shoots. During the trip, the two had been writing in travel journals — Brynn’s was a gift from Aaron — and in a shot that required reading a book to each other, Aaron recited a note written at the back of his own journal, asking Brynn to marry him. The City of Love, indeed. Congratulations on your engagement, Brynn and Aaron!


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Ready to elope to a faraway destination in lieu of a traditional wedding? Where would you and your loved one choose to go, and which dress and pair of shoes for your bridal look would you pack?