At Home Happy Hour Playlist + 3 Simple Cocktails

  • Copy by: Jordan Bishop

Time to actually make use of those perfectly curated bar carts sitting in your living rooms, ladies! We’re swiftly barreling toward the holiday season and we all know what that means: office parties, last minute brownie platters from Whole Foods, unexpected gift exchanges, giving up on the Pinterest gift projects you had planned, and actually having to buy real presents. Essentially, being broke for the next couple months.

That’s why we’re embracing the #TEG30daychallenge with happy hour at home. Staying home is the perfect way to save a little extra cash by using what you have around the house. The Everygirl’s happy hour playlist comes to you fresh off a weekend spent in Austin, TX and while the rest of the country might be past appropriate weather for “patio drinking season,” there is no time constraint on friends getting together for drinks and a good time. Enjoy this mix of grimy rock and roll tunes inspired by the live music capital of the world with your girls over some cocktails.

Added bonus: At home happy hour means bras, shoes, and makeup are optional. Cheers!


3 Simple Cocktails

Source: The Everygirl

If you want to get more creative than your stash of Trader Joe’s wine, we have three easy recipes you can make from ingredients from around your house. The most underrated universal mixer is ginger beer. Whatever half used bottles you have on your bar cart, ginger beer will compliment it. Vodka, rum, whiskey, absinthe, tequila, you name it. So grab a few four-packs of Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew and get mixing. Remember, if you don’t want to splurge on extra ingredients, the ginger beer alone with any spirit will do just fine. Happy sipping!

The Early Autumn
2 shots of Gin
Top with equal parts apple cider and ginger beer
Squeeze of lemon juice

El Cosmico
2 shots of Tequila Repesado
Top with equal parts ginger beer and cranberry juice
Squeeze of lime juice, garnish with a lime round

The East 6th Street
2 shots of whiskey
Top with equal parts ginger beer and a light lager (such as Miller Lite or Pabst Blue Ribbon)
Squeeze of lime juice