The Beauty Products That Will Help You Sleep

Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about “having it all.” You’re probably leading a busy lifestyle while trying to keep up with your health and skincare (which both take time and effort!), while also juggling everything else going on. And if you’re anything like me, you wish you had more time to spend on your skincare and are maybe just a little sleep-deprived. So what if I told you that you could be beautifying and sleeping at the exact same time? Luckily for us busy girls, there are many products that aim to beautify you and help your mind get rid of those next-day lists and worries, so you can fall asleep easily and quickly. Maybe you really can have it all! Check out the beauty products that will help you fall asleep faster and easier.


A Milk Bath

They say that one of Cleopatra’s main beauty routines was to bathe in milk. Well if it’s good enough for the Queen of Egypt, it’s good enough for us. We all know that baths in general are extremely relaxing and perfect for our pre-snooze routine. But products for your bath, like Night Delight Organic’s Calming Milk Bath, that contain lavender, chamomile, and mandarin essential oils stimulate cell turnover, aka you’ll have that youthful glow by morning. The aromas of the oils reduce any stress and anxiety, helping you sleep blissfully all night long. (And add some Sweet Dreams Bath Salts while you’re at it!)


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A Multi-Purpose Balm

A balm like Lather’s Quiet Night Relaxing Balm is intended to calm and quiet the senses with its combination of soothing and calming ingredients like ylang ylang and calendula. But their emollient-rich base of beeswax mixed with sunflower and rosehip oils means that they’re also extremely moisturizing and repairing. Add to any dry areas like elbows, knees, and cuticles, or even put on your lips for a calming and moisturizing overnight lip treatment.


A Silk Pillowcase

Swapping your pillowcase for a silk or satin style will not only feel extra comfortable and luxurious, but it will also provides major beauty benefits. Cotton pillowcases suck the moisture away from your skin and hair, causing wrinkles and split ends — the horror! A silk pillowcase is so gentle that it can help protect and hydrate the skin and reduce split ends over time. Try Slip’s Silk Pillowcase or Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow, which has a unique design that helps you sleep better.


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A Cooling Sleep Mask

We all probably have our preferences of which sleep masks we pull over our eyes when it’s time to doze off. Maybe you prefer yours in cashmere, making a statement with cute sayings, or taking inspiration from Holly Golightly, but consider a gel mask instead. Toss it in the fridge an hour or two before hopping into bed, throw it on when it’s time to close your eyes, and fall asleep with the relaxing coolness calming your facial muscles. You’ll wake up with de-puffed eye bags and awake eyes (even if you don’t feel totally awake!).


A Spot Treatment

We’ve all used a variety of scary looking spot treatments since we were preteens. But what about a spot treatment that actually doubles as a sleep remedy (and goes on as an oil so it doesn’t dry out skin or show up as embarrassing white marks)? A spot treatment like this one from Osmia Organics is a serum made up of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory essential oils, meaning your skin will have the glow you get from oils, but your pesky acne and breakouts will be erased overnight because the serum will get rid of all the pore-clogging bacteria and reduce redness. A few of these essential oils just happen to be lavender, cajeput, and thyme, all which have a calming effect on the body, making it a natural relaxer. Rub on your pesky pimples (and wrists, temples, and under your nose while you’re at it) for a pleasant, beautifying snooze.


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A Lavender-Scented Body Lotion

Who doesn’t want to wake up with smooth and moisturized skin? Applying a body lotion before bed is crucial to the health of your body’s largest organ, but is often forgotten when your face gets all the immediate attention with its various toners, tonics, and serums. Lavender essential oil is not only extra hydrating in the way that only oils can be, but the scent also immediately soothes your senses and calms anxiety — so find a lotion with this crucial ingredient to rake in all the benefits. Try Aveeno’s Stress Relief Lotionhonest’s ultra-calming face + body lotion, or firm and tighten your skin while you sleep with Bliss’ Fatgirlsleep.


An Overnight Face Mask

If you’ve heard about the always-trending lemon water after waking up routine, you’d know that we can become dehydrated while we sleep. This also means bad news for your skin, as the moisture can get sucked out while we’re blissfully snoozing. Opting for an overnight face mask, rather than a cream or lotion, creates a permeable seal that makes whatever is below it absorb much better, intensely moisturizing the skin throughout the entire night. This one by Pixi contains calming lavender oil. Plus, you’ll be able to fall asleep knowing your skin is one less issue to worry about — and what’s more soothing than that?


What beauty products do you use that help you fall asleep? Which of these products would you try?