Before and After: This Small Sunroom Gets a Makeover

It’s not that uncommon for a Chicago walk-up to have a spare room where the back stairscase leads in and out. But more often than not it’s poorly insulated, unfinished, and serves no greater purpose than storage space. My cofounder Danielle’s apartment, however, is one of the rare jewels where the back room is finished nicely with white painted walls and tiled floors. Fancy stuff, right? Not to mention it opens up to a roomy deck! It really was beaming with potential.

Like so many others, she was using it for storage. But having grown up in the Midwest, I knew that with a little TLC this room could be the perfect spot to curl up in a cozy chair and watch summer thunderstorms roll in. She agreed it would be a great extension to the outdoor living space and a much-needed spot to work on scorching summer days when it’s too hot to be outside.

Naturally she didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but lucky for us, a brand new HomeGoods (a staff favorite) just opened up nearby in Lincoln Park, and we were granted early access to the store before it opened to the public last week! HomeGoods provided just what we were looking for to create a beautiful, functional sunroom.

A few key elements Danielle wanted to really make the space hers:
• comfortable seating with a footrest to kick back and relax after a long day
• an indoor herb garden for healthy meal planning
• an overall aesthetic that blended well with the rest of her neutral, minimalistic design

So I pulled a few inspirational images from Pinterest and we got to work!

Watch the full before and after styling transformation in the makeover video below!


This post is sponsored by HomeGoods but the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

  • Nikki Laraja

    Such great use of space, love this!

  • JEPierson

    ” But having grown up in the Midwest, I knew that with a little TLC this room could be the perfect spot to curl up in a cozy chair and watch summer thunderstorms roll in.”
    This is exactly why I love the summer months so much. Even though I don’t have an outdoor space (my fire escape is mad scary) I do have very nice views of planes taking off at the airport nearby and perfect views of storms coming in from the east or south. The space turned out very pretty, I’m very jealous.

  • This was the cutest video. Love the space and it definitely does fit in with Danielle’s aesthetic and home!

  • Elise Riehle

    Love it! I know this was sponsored, but are you able to share the total cost for the little flip?

    • Yes! A price breakdown would be so helpful with post like this! Especially if Home Goods wants us to go out and purchase these great pieces. 😉

  • Wow it turned out really beautiful…nice work, ladies…as always 😉 Greetings from Vienna! Love your page…keep up the great and interesting work 😉

  • This came out so good!!! I dream of having a sun porch one day. I feel like they are the perfect opportunities for reading nooks or being productive while still feeling connected to the outside world. Well done!
    And on a separate note, I really like Danielle’s espadrilles!

  • Vibeke

    Love the video, and the inspo for a green sunroom.. Just a little heads up – you should change the links in both your websites 🙂

  • Mary Beth Mulholland

    Love the transformation! Inspiring me to re-think a few of my spaces. Thanks, ladies!

  • Danielle Reidy | Sadie Road

    This turned out so, so good! And that new Homegoods is amazing, so happy to have it in the hood.

  • Amy Andrews

    You two are so much fun to watch! Are the plants from Homegoods too? Not the fresh basil but the others? I didn’t realize they had begun selling houseplants!

    • All of the fresh herbs and the large floor plant are real–the other plants are actually wonderful faux options at HomeGoods, yes!

  • Sherita Nichols-Fort

    Great! Now I have to find those pineapple glasses.

    • They’re at HomeGoods! 🙂

      • Sherita Nichols-Fort

        Thank you 🙂

  • Love the makeover of the space. The whole overall vibe of the room looks comfortable and stylish to me.
    Love adding pieces from travel as well.

    You ladies are very talented. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Love it! Can’t wait to visit the new Lincoln Park store soon!

  • Carol

    Ahh. So jealous. A brand new homegoods. Love love the sunroom.

  • Rachel Sheppard

    Awesome! I love the video!