The Best Travel-Size Clean Beauty Products

One of the most incredible things to come from the clean beauty surge, other than removing toxins from everyday products, is the availability. What used to be only small companies making even smaller amounts of inventory, all types of natural beauty products are not only easy to find but now come in a variety of options. And the best part? They actually work!

If you’re heading out on summer vacations and wanting to keep things non-toxic, there are even a good amount of travel size products. No more being forced to use certain products when you’re on the go or whatever the hotel happens to have. For all clean beauty lovers out there, here’s what we suggest for your suitcase!


Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo

Clean hair care has come a long way, and luckily, it comes in travel size, too. For extra moisture after being on a dry plane or during hot summer months, this shampoo and conditioner are heavenly. The set works to balance hair’s pH level while adding shine, so no need to pack multiple products to achieve #hairgoals on vaca.

Primally Pure

Charcoal Deodorant

Not gonna lie, natural deodorant takes a while to get used to, but it's very much worth it, mainly because it eliminates aluminum found in many mainstream options. Primally Pure's charcoal stick is tiny enough to fit in your carry-on but big enough to last a few weeks (or multiple trips).

Herbivore Botanicals

Travel Mist Set

If you're going anywhere under the sun or near the beach, you'll love this set. Each product from Herbivore Botanicals is included for a therapeutic reason, so they're the perfect companion for a relaxing trip. Use the Sea Mist to add texture and volume to wet hair for a natural beachy wave (or to combat humidity). Then, revive skin that's been in the sun with the aloe from the After Sun Mist. All TSA approved!


Luxurious Body Oil Travel Size

Since oil is thicker than lotion, it really works to hydrate and penetrate the skin. This luxe combo of jojoba, rice bran, sunflower, grapeseed oils, and Mowrah butter will keep skin crazy moisturized. Not to mention it's mixed with citrus, ginger, and lemongrass essential oils, so it doubles as a fragrance of sorts. One less thing to pack!


Vital Moisturizing Cream

No need to leave your facial cream at home due to the bulk of it. Instead, this cream can serve as your day or night moisturizer. Made with antioxidants and plant oils like orange flower oil and evening primrose oil, it's crazy nourishing and gentle. Pro tip: Use this on the plane for an extra dose of hydration before you land.

Ursa Major

Essential Face Wipes

Yes, we know that washing your face is a must, but aren't rules meant to be broken on vacation? Whether one-too-many margaritas have you feeling lazy or you simply want to remove sunscreen from your face, these wipes are the bomb. They've won a ton of awards and multi-task better than most. Each individually-wrapped bamboo wipe is drenched in a tonic that cleans, exfoliates, soothes and hydrates at once. Travel or not, these are essential.


Cleanser + Cream Youth Duo Mini

For the nights when you do want a full face wash, this cleanser is your girl. The gentle, non-drying cleanser removes makeup easily, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean. It's seriously amazing for all skin types.

Kari Gran

The Mini Kit

For when you want to go really minimal, this mini kit is approved by even the most ruthless packers. The kit will last you two full weeks and contains everything your complexion needs while away from home. Cleansing oil, essential serum, SPF 28, and a hydrating tonic—all in the cutest little bottles.

Where will you be heading this summer? Any other products to add to this list? We’d love to hear!