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Girl Behind the Blog: Lea Loo

Occupation: graphic design and architecture student

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?
I was born in Pearl City, Hawaii and lived there as a child. I’m now lucky to live in the beautiful, progressive, and creative Portland, Oregon.

What can people expect to find when they visit your blog?
I am interested in a huge variety of things: from crafts, to type design, illustration, architecture and fashion, so as a result, I blog about a lot of different things. If I had to sum up my posting, I would have to say it is a collection of things I’ve made and then things that I find beautiful and inspirational.

What are your 3 favorite blog posts that you have ever written?

  1. Valentine’s Day Outfit
  2. Embroidered Flowers Plaid
  3. Vitamin Bottles

one of Lea’s recent graphic design projects

What kind of camera do you use?
I myself own a Nikon D3100; it’s small and easy for my to carry around. other than that, I instagram often. However, my outfit photos are taken by my lovely beau who uses a Nikon D300.

What’s your favorite topic to blog about?
I much prefer the posts in which the content is mine, or created by me—be that illustrations, outfit photos or whatnot. It feels more personal and genuine. But the reality is that with school and work, I don’t have time to constantly be creating, so a bulk of my posts end up being inspirational/found imagery, which in reality, is part of the creative process, so I’m okay with it.

all images via Hello Lark

lea loo