It’s Official: We’re Retiring Our Old Underwear for Something Easier (And More Comfortable)

Let’s be honest: we’re all busy, important ladies. Our days are full, our calendars are packed, and our minds are racing. There are SO many things that can go wrong in a day, and it’s easy to feel like there are only a few things you can control.

One foolproof way to start the day on the right foot? Keeping your life together from the inside out — and wearing underwear that’s worthy of your perfect-as-it-is-and-don’t-you-forget-it body. The right underwear can keep you comfortable AND remind you that you’re sexy as all get out.

Okay, so now that that’s established — there’s another factor we should discuss. You deserve the BEST underwear, but you shouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for it. You should get what you want, when you want it, at a wallet-friendly price (because Jonas Brothers tickets ain’t cheap and mama has needs).


Source: Bootay Bag


The one solution that solves all these would-be problems? A monthly underwear subscription, with adorable underwear and bralettes delivered straight to your door. Enter BootayBag — a monthly underwear subscription that allows you to choose your underwear preferences, then receive new pairs every month. Not only can you choose your coverage level, frequency, and more, but it also comes at a price point you can feel good about (no more waiting for those “5 for $35” deals!).


Want to try it out for a month? We got you. BootayBag is offering 50% off your first month!


If you only do one thing for yourself this month, this should be it — your sexy self deserves it.


Source: Bootay Bag

Source: Bootay Bag


The icing on the cake? Not only can fresh BootayBag undies help you FEEL good and look good, BootayBag DOES good too. For every pair purchased through BootayBag, a pair is donated to a woman in need through The Undies Project. Did you know underwear is the most requested but least donated product at women’s shelters? Let’s work to close that gap while simultaneously stocking our own drawer with underwear we can feel good about.



This post was in partnership with Bootay Bag, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.