Boston: South End Buttery

While in Boston earlier this year, we found ourselves looking for the most quaint little coffee shop we could find. If said coffee shop served cupcakes or pastries — even better. After doing a little research, we decided on South End Buttery, which has won awards for the Best Coffee Shop, Best Cupcakes, Boston’s Top 10 Neighborhood Gems, and Boston’s Best Pet-Friendly restaurant. If you love dogs like we do, being able to bring your pet is always a plus.

South End Buttery is located on a perfect little corner in the heart of the South End. It boasts a lovely little patio, perfect for the summer months, and lots of nearby shops. We also walked by the restaurant one evening and noticed the dim lighting and groups of people laughing over bottles of wine. This neighborhood favorite offers the perfect ambiance any time of day, whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We went mid-day after a long shoot, and dined on sandwiches, scones, and cupcakes. We all devoured our sandwiches, various ingredients smooshed between fresh bread slices. We also sampled an assortment of cupcakes and scones with the best homemade jam we’ve ever tasted. Still trying to figure out how we could have that shipped to Chicago by the barrel…. While we truly enjoyed just about every bite, it was the Hummingbird cupcake that stood out as the star. One part banana bread, one part pineapple, and one part coconut: this mixture of flavors was sweet and savory all at once.

The pricing is ideal for any Everygirl. Most items on the brunch menu are in the $12-$13 range, and there are lots of dinner options under $15. So the next time you find yourself in Boston’s South End, be sure to stop by South End Buttery for brunch, lunch, dinner, or a cupcake (or three) and a latte.

Here’s What The Everygirl Recommends at South End Buttery:

Buttery Bakery Basket  $8
blueberry, apricot, ginger, and butterscotch scones with house-made fresh berry jam

Cupcakes $3
red velvet, strawberries and cream, salted caramel, and hummingbird

Veggie Delight Sandwich  $7.75
roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, house-made red pepper hummus, arugula, and toasted 7-grain bread

Herb Roasted Chicken Breast  $7.75
gruyère, romaine, tomato, mayo, dijon, mustard, sesame seed bun