7 Bucket List Travel Experiences That Will Change Your Life

I’ve never been a gal who invests in clothes or shoes. Partially because I don’t REALLY care about fashion, but also because I’m terrible at taking care of things and I ruin my shirts after washing them literally once (praise be to Target’s 2 for $7 tank tops that make this a doable reality). I can appreciate a cute dress but when push comes to shove I’d always rather spend my money on the intangible–namely, traveling. (May this also serve as my official announcement to any man who would ever like to buy me a gift: A surprise getaway over a new pair of earrings pleaseandthankyou.)

So when Tinggly, a travel website that allows you to purchase travel experiences in destinations all over the world came up in one of our recent meetings, I immediately went down the rabbit-hole and spent the better part of my afternoon perusing said website, and dreaming about all of the seriously incredible travel experiences I would soon be purchasing for my next destination.


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Recently, I started making bucket lists for each city I visit, and it’s made planning so much more fun and way easier to organize. Instead of just ticking off tourist attractions, I try to think about the overall experience I want to have in each setting. Case in point: When I went to Paris this past summer, one of my bucket list items was to sip a cocktail in a Parisian jazz club. Standing in a dark, candle-lit jazz club while the swing band played made me feel like I was in another era altogether, and was far and away one of the most memorable experiences of the trip.



Whether you’re looking for an adventure on the hills of Ireland or a helicopter tour over Las Vegas, Tinggly has experiences available in a range of price points, from the Essential packages starting at $79, to the Bucket List experiences which can set up back a few thousand if you really do it up right (and ya know what, there’s a time and place to do just that!). It’s also turned out to be the perfect go-to gift for my fellow travelers, since you can gift a travel voucher instead of a specific trip, allowing them to completely customize their own gift. Way better for them and way less pressure for you!

I’ve rounded up the top 7 bucket list travel experiences I’m adding to my own Tinggly experience wish list, but there are literally hundreds more to explore. Who’s coming with?!


Tangine Cooking Class with a Local in Marrakech

Cost: $79

Description: “During the cookery lesson, hosted by a friendly local chef in a lovely traditional riad, you’ll learn about the history of Moroccan cuisine, its influences and the various ingredients such as mint and olives from Meknes, and citrus fruits from Fez. Once the meal is ready, sit down to enjoy it while you get to know your fellow chefs! And don’t forget you’ll also receive a handy recipe guide so you can make your own tagine when you get home.”


Whale Safari in Norway for Two

Cost: Starting at $520

Description: “This intense Norway experience brings you up close and personal with some of the most fearsome predators in the world. Travelling in a boat piloted by trained professionals, you’ll follow the orcas, study their behaviour, and observe them in their natural habitat amid beautiful scenery.”


New Orleans Jazz Cruise for Two

Cost: $119

Description:Gracefully cruising the Mississippi, take to the dancefloor if you feel, order a Hurricane cocktail, or wander the different levels of this gorgeous, and climate controlled, boat and see the bright lights of New Orleans in the near distance. Atmosphere is everything, and this voyage has it to spare. Enjoy true Southern hospitality on a grand scale.”


Classic Car Havana Experience in Cuba for Two

Cost: $119

Description:Your car will take the famous Malecon drive along the seafront through Havana’s historic quarter, past the suburbs of Miramar with its diplomatic buildings and embassies, and Russian-influenced Verdado, into the Centro where you’ll get a taste of the authentic Cuba. This impressive and comprehensive tour finishes with a cocktail at the luxurious Hotel Nacional which has been visited by Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Ernest Hemingway among others – incredible views of the city and the harbour can be enjoyed.”


Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Cost: Starting at $550

Description:Meals can be slightly unpredictable at Giraffe Manor, a boutique hotel set within 12 private acres in the suburbs of Nairobi. There you’ll be, just sitting down for breakfast, when through the window comes a long neck, at the end of which is a peckish giraffe looking for a treat. And he’s probably not leaving until he gets one. Your stay in this stately mansion will evoke the romance of safaris in the 1930s, when guests would stroll the elegant terraces and courtyards in the sunset after dinner and cocktails.”


Game of Thrones Experience in Croatia

Cost: $79

Description: Dubrovnik was selected as a World Heritage Site back in 1979 so it’s no surprise the Game of Thrones producers chose it to reflect the lifestyles of their noble families. This is a truly enchanting city, one of the foremost tourist hubs in the Med, and this high-quality walking tour will let you see a whole new side to it.”


Tango Evening Experience in Buenos Aires for Two

Cost: $279

Description: A memorable evening offers modern and authentic Tango Show experience. Dancers will illustrate the moves, combined from aero tango accompanied by traditional tango lyrics with vanguard Tango. Following the show and the eight options on the menu for each course, you’ll have the chance to take to the floor and learn some of the tango’s basic steps with which, given the skill of this team, you can expect to wow your friends back home. The evening has a relaxed, convivial vibe, with great food and wine, and a masterclass in an artform that has survived and flourished for centuries.”


Which experience would be at the top of your travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!





This post was in partnership with Tinggly, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

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