7 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve—That Don’t Involve Going Out

New Year’s Eve is upon us — the time has come when you find yourself trying to figure out what you can do to celebrate that is the perfect balance for the ongoing battle between the introvert and extrovert in you (or is that just me!?). NYE this year is especially exciting because we’re not only ringing in a brand new year but also a brand new decade! And I just gotta say, I’m READY for the roaring ’20s part two. 

Although figuring out what to do on this night can sometimes be a cause of stress, I like to remember that it’s a great way to look back on the year that’s passed and gear up for the amazing year to come. There’s the obvious option of going out on New Year’s, but there are many other activities if that’s not your cup of tea. Whether you have a date night with your S.O., a dinner party with your close friends, or a night in, it’s is the perfect excuse for a celebration. Here are seven awesome ways to spend your NYE, other than going out: 


1. Girls Night In

No one is too old for a sleepover. Invite your girlfriends over for the perfect night in — throw on your comfiest PJs, order takeout, make fun cocktails, watch rom-coms (and then switch to the ball drop, of course), and ring in the new year with your besties.


2. Host a Dinner Party

This is a great middle-ground between going out and staying in. Have a few of your closest friends over, and then you don’t even have to leave your house! Go all out by cooking a fancy multi-course dinner and setting a beautiful table, or keep it more chill with wine and charcuterie.


Source: @jesskeys_


3. Make it Date Night

New Year’s is a great excuse to set up a fancy date night with your significant other. There are tons of elegant restaurant experiences specifically for the holiday, so you and your partner can dress up and treat yourselves to a great meal in super celebratory fashion.



4. Have a Game Night

Hosting a game night is another great option for staying in but still doing something fun. Have your friends over in their sweats and slippers, set out snacks, drinks, and all the games you own, and let the night go where it may. If you’re feeling extra competitive, you could set up team games like Pictionary and charades and have prizes for the winners.


5. Do One of Your Favorite Activities

NYE is one of the only weeknights a year when you don’t have to worry about work the next day. Spend the evening doing something you love: go bowling with friends, paint, draw, or do a DIY project, read a great book, try baking all the recipes you’ve had pinned forever, rewatch your favorite movie series — the options are endless!



6. Staycation

There are lots of websites out there where you can score last-minute deals on hotel rooms, which is ideal for a little New Year’s Eve staycation in your own city. Check into a room with your significant other, your friends, or all by yourself, and enjoy everything a hotel stay has to offer (I’m talking ordering room service in your robe).



7. Glamorous Self-Care Sesh

Last, but certainly not least, is the self-care option. Take a night totally to yourself: wear your comfiest joggers and fuzziest slippers, put on your favorite movie, and do face masks to your heart’s content. This is also a great time to reflect on the past year and write out your resolutions for the one to come.