Chelsea Handler Answers Our Questions About Self-Doubt

  • Interview By: Caitlin Timson & Danielle Moss
  • Header Image By: Netflix

When the last-minute opportunity to interview Chelsea Handler arises, you drop what you’re doing, summon your composure, and say YES while dousing your hair with dry shampoo and repeating all the affirmations to yourself. “It’s gonna be fine, Caitlin. Be cool, Caitlin!”

Of course, the ironic part about being nervous to interview Chelsea Handler is the fact that she is so unapologetically herself in every moment. There’s no such thing as a rehearsed response or a contrived statement. She’s present, grounded, and sure as hell not nervous. Luckily, her badass vibe is contagious, and the moment she starts speaking you feel all the fears wash away and your inner Sasha Fierce is like, “DAMN, I BELONG HERE.”

So here it is: We interviewed Chelsea Handler about how to push past insecurities and self-doubt, the advice she’d give her 20-something self, and how we can ALL incite change, no matter our social media following or celebrity status. See it all in our video!

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